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Well hello, my online friends. Welcome back to yet another episode of me talking my personal brand of nonsense. Your questions, my answers. Pretty simple, but is it? Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions. I’m one person with one opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

1. 4:30, What is the first step in the bookmaking process?

2. 5:50, Am I going to do more films about film photography?

3. 9:30, Do I sell prints, work or do assignments?

4. 10:40, How do I choose stories?

5. 12:50, Would I consider doing a project with a mobile phone?

6. 15:40, Do I know David Yarrow?

7. 16:15, (Long question worth listening to.) Do I ever feel….feel, like things have all been done?

8. 21:45, How do I find someone to help with book design and ideas?

9. 24:18, What is good photography?

10. 29:00, How do you feel about online photography?

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  1. Enjoyed that one a lot. Especially that question about the whole point of it all and of course the anti social media rant.

    I saw my first bear last year after 20 years while hiking way up high in the mountains. Luckily it saw me first and ran off.

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      This was a monster. Luckily, didn’t seem that interested in us. But, this time of year they tend to be hungry.

  2. Laughed this morning in the middle of listening to these Q&As, thinking that I hear these and do mostly the opposite of what you recommend, probably a bit of an overstatement. I also hate social media and dumped it all until recently. When I decided to do a zine, one done and in the process of the second, I went back to IG with a new account under the name of the zine, with the purpose of connecting with local artists and venues, as well as family and close friends. I did the zine for me and to share with anyone who wanted one, only ten copies printed, had a handful of takers, which was cool. Through that process, I discovered a little newsstand on Instagram which specializes in local creators and also has an online sales presence. They saw my zine and decided to carry it at their little pop up space and in their online store. So, glad I went back to IG the way I did.

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  3. Always enjoy the stance on social media! IE film:I decided to do some film photography for the first time in a bunch of years using my dad’s old Minolta SRT 101. I bought some Ilford Delta, shot a few rolls, had it processed and scanned. Man have the costs gone nuts! Film was $10 per roll. Processing and scanning was $25 per roll. My keeper frame rate is about 2% on a good day. That equates to about $35 for one decent image. Guess I’ll stick to digital.

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      Yes, it’s gotten a bit out of hand but not sure what to do. Glad it’s still around. Like plutonium.

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