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One man, one opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. I love these question-and-answer films and I love the range of questions. Miami Vice? Oh, come on. How can that NOT go unanswered? The single greatest show in the history of the world. But how about photography, analog photography, and ephemera of the professional world?

1. 2:00, How do you feel about Flickr compared to other social networks?

2. 5:32, What is the best way to dry film flat?

3. 8:54, When Is it time to abandon a project?

4. 13:13, How do I archive my film?

5. 22:32, How do I feel about Russian literature?

6. 25:14, What is the best way to find and complete a long-term, endearing project?

7. 30:27, How did I get my film when I was working?

8. 40:50, How did Magnum photographers manage to make their images?

9. 45:30, How do you feel about USA today and did that have any impact of papers going to color?

10. 48:13, What happens when someone backs out of a project? Can you still move forward?

11. 53:00, Who are your five favorite guest appearances on Miami Vice?

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  1. You do entertaining videos, even though most of what you discuss doesn’t apply to what I do, all those terms for doc photography you use like in that one question above. Photogs like Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind, were getting some gallery and museum shows back in the day. It also happened for Ralph Gibson, who left Magnum. Thanks for including the questions before hand, it allowed me to turn it off before Miami Vice. 😁

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      Callahan and Siskind came long after the first few gens were pouring their lives into photography without many outlets. Lots of risk, almost no reward. Warriors.

  2. You have a dog issue. I have a parrot issue. Screams 12 hrs a day. I feel your pain. Unfortunately the owners don’t feel the animal’s.

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      Animal Control to the rescue. They came, they served notice, we have quiet. But, I can hear it creeping back.

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