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Nothing changed. Cameras, settings, location, and yet the focus is ALL OVER THE PLACE on this film. This is SO frustrating. No idea why this is happening. I finally got the exposure to remain constant by resetting everything in camera and starting over but now the focus is shot. This was the second film of the day shot back to back and the first one is totally fine. More Q&A. Again, one person with one opinion. Thank you to all the folks who wrote in with questions. Some insightful questions on this list. Now, go shoot.

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  1. Daniel,
    Love your position on cameras, formats and sensors. Have two cameras I love for different reasons, different formats and sensor sizes. Purged all the sites, blogs and youtube channels that were so into gear reviews, etc months ago. The gear envy has virtually disappeared. Real noise reduction.


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      It’s a popular discussion but if someone is enamored with actual images it’s gets old very quickly.

  2. Thanks for answering my question about mixed formats etc. I also liked the part about megapixels. Two years ago, I purchased a new camera and went from 20 mp to 30 mp. Never did I think about how a 50% increase in file size would affect the storage on my computer. Now my hard drive is almost filled up! I can not imagine what a 50 mp camera does to storage.

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      Yep, storage, archiving, etc. The White Elephant in the photography room. I love how people are crying foul over Google saying “No more free storage,” as if we couldn’t’ see this coming from space.

  3. Good taste in music. You can’t beat Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music for Airports. By the way, Talvin Singh & Niladri Kumar’s – Together (2011) is a brilliant modern Indian classical album. In fact Talvin Singh was my staple artist when I was travelling the world back in the day. OK is so sublime album that it can bring a nostalgic tear to my eye when I hear it..

    I’m happy you finished with saying photography should be fun. For the majority of us I think that’s all it needs to be!

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      ambient music on planes is why I’m still alive. Allows me to enter another world impervious to the modern traveler.

  4. Hi.
    When it comes to rainfall in the west/ southwest when looking at this from a historical perspective you live in a desert which has experienced what is the wettest century for thousands of years according to this article – .
    California has had a several 100+ year drought peroids in the last 1500 years.
    Water concrete driveways is one problem but agriculture and specific crops are also a huge problem.

    Normally it is a desert and you have some of the most water intesive crops the. Almonds – each one requires a gallon of water, wallnuts require 4-5 gallons and so on. For these waterhungry crops you have now out-competed the rest of the world.
    The Saudis have bought a lot to grow alfalfa – which is flown back to their desert to feed their cows for meat and dairy.
    You drain the rivers, sell of water rights to hegde funds and keep over using.

    To compensate you keep drilling ever deeper, which in turn causes the micro-structures that hold water to collapse over huge areas so that over time so you’ll never fill up what you took out. – even if the rain and snow comes back.

    Man this can get really uglybwhen climate change kicks in for real and the rain and snow goes away again for a 100+ years.

    Here in Norway it heats up and gets wetter and wetter – not good either.

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      I’m coming to Norway and burning as much fossil fuel as possible to get there…..wink, wink. Maybe I will be forced to swim. All great data you share. Drought cycles are part of life on our rock. What seems to be changing is the frequency and severity. And the near utter lack of awareness. You would think we would be very attuned but I don’t it that way quite yet. The California Central Valley is in big trouble. I went to photograph two years ago when entire cities ran out of water. The land is falling due to how much groundwater has been extracted.

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