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Shooting square format is a wonderful thing. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to several talented square format photographers early on in my career. The likes of Claudio Edinger, Paolo Pellegrin, and Giorgia Fiorio.

I chose to use the square for both portraiture and reportage, something that took some getting used to and something that took years of practice. The result is images like the one I am featuring in this film. Fractions of a second that exist for their chosen moment and then never again. Encapsulated in the wonderful evenness of the square.

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  1. Man I love that photo. I’ve heard you talk about that image before, but I’ll always click on anything that has that image. You rebellious rule-breaker you. If you read about photography, you always hear people say to leave space in the direction of travel. This is a good example of why it’s good not to get too wrapped up in rules. Well, it’s a good example for me. Maybe the next commenter is throwing a brick at his computer complaining about the composition. If I took this photo, I’d title it Sisyphus. The barefooted, once proud king of Corinth.

    I’m glad you talked about shooting with the Hasselblad. I bought a 500cm years ago and just haven’t used. it. For a lot of reasons. Laziness being one of them. Laziness in getting a feel for the reversed view and how to navigate the focusing process. I can’t focus that thing without the magnifierer thingy. I’ve never really sorted out whether it’s best to use that to focus but then bring it down to waist level. I’ll make a point of shooting with it regularly for 6 months. If it’s still a fight to pick it up, I’ll find some 20 year old film photography fanatic and give it to them.

    Future’s so bright, ya gotta wear shades…

    PS – This helped me avoid an RBG freakout. Step back, breathe, mourn the loss of an amazing woman, and hope there’s still time to right this ship.

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      It’s going to get a lot worse. RBG is gone and Trump and his crew loathed her. It was all he could do to not disparage her in some way. They will rush an unqualified, radical candidate through the Repubs will break every rule. It’s going to get weird. But, we deserve it for electing this idiot. As for the Blad, it is nothing but good. The focus takes practice. Just go out with nothing but the Blad.

  2. I absolutely love this image and the accompanying film. I really agree with Scott about the rule breaking here. You hear that all the time…space in the direction of travel. Happy to see a great example of the opposite.

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