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I just did another interview. I do a fair amount of these things. I enjoy doing them. I think I MIGHT have something relevant to add, otherwise I would not do them. When someone asks I have to question myself as to whether or not I have something to add. For example, if someone wanted to talk tech or gear, at this point, I wouldn’t bother even though I know that the interview would get more traffic than any I’ve done. It’s just not an interesting conversation in my mind. However, when someone is asking about something I might have a good angle on, well, then I’m game.

Today’s interview was good. It was mostly me talking but that is the technique the filmmaker was after. My voice with B-roll over the top. And the topics were good. Past, present, and future of photography, my history as well as what I’ve learned from being a Blurb field person for the last ten years. In short, I’ve learned A LOT. And, I’ve learned things that can really help others which is the best thing I can do at this point. I don’t like to see struggling photographers. I don’t like to see lazy industry folks channeling everyone into the same funnels. I don’t like to see a misinformed public.

If you want to know what my view was like, here it is. Beer and religion.

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  1. Hey Uncle Danno
    Hows it going? Is this interview something for Dispatchers? I have been enjoying that project. Its great to listen to as I’m driving around.
    A few off topic things… Thanks for introducing me to all the recent photographers you mentioned lately. Hannah Kozak, Eugene Richards, and especially Antonin Kratochvil. Absolutely love his work and enjoyed listening to some of his interviews on youtube.
    Also, you always talk of the two sides of photography. The online world and the professional world. Well I actually witnessed this for the first time the other day.
    I was looking at some discussion on a flickr group for some reason (can’t remember why) and I left a comment recommending Magnum photos. One of the online photographers commented back, “Thank you for the recommendation, I never knew about Magnum. There are a few nice photos there!”
    I couldn’t believe what I was reading! And that reminded me of what you were saying.

    1. Post

      Two totally differents worlds. I’ve also found the online photo world to be prone to conspiracy and also prone to thinking they know how things should be done while not really knowing anything about history or what has already BEEN done. But, to each his own.

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