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I am fortunate. I get to do a fair number of interviews. Heck, I’ll talk to anyone about anything but most of my audio adventures cover photography, print, creativity, etc. The usual suspects if you will. But I really enjoy doing interviews. Introverted I am but I do still enjoy the occassional “getting out,” party.

Daniel Sigg is a photographer who also happens to podcast and was nice enough to track me down and hook me up. Our interview is long but filled with creative, caloric value. (I hope so anyway.) Oftentimes, we are so busy we don’t really get much chance to investigate our own thinking. I find these times of questioning to be helpful. A type of real-time therapy where the urgency of the moment forces insight.

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  1. That interview was great. I agree, he did ask good questions. I’ve heard you discuss several of the topics before, but I find it’s helpful to hear them again. And I have a good example for why I say that – I just launched the Blurb site for the first time in months. I felt like I was looking at a foreign language. Would I like to be printing zines regularly, and for this to be muscle memory? Yea. But that hasn’t happened and may not happen. So the interview was a nice comprehensive refresher with new things thrown in.

    I’d also like to do some interviews, and I liked Siggs’ approach. Concise questions, asked directly, and then let the person speak.

    The sound quality was surprisingly good given that it was a distance interview, with you in your van. Any thoughts on how he got that great sound. Was it over Skype? What mic setup were you running?

    1. Exchanged some messages with Daniel Sigg – they use zencastr – I am very intrigued. That audio quality sounded great to me, and if it makes the whole process easier, all the better. I like working with audio in Audition, but I’m realistic – I’m probably never going to put the time in to get really good at it.

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      It was done online, built in mic so nothing special. One of those recording sites but don’t remember the name.

    1. Just read your post about re-connecting with the camera and street photography. I didn’t realize you’d left Iraq, at least not permanently. Congrats with the road to nerdvana job, sounds like a great organization.

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  2. Good interview. It inspired me to research the spyderX monitor calibration tools on Amazon. Wondered what your thoughts were on this. I was looking at the elite and pro models.

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      Don’t know about that option. I use a simple color device that attaches to monitor, takes about 3mins. Xrite.

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