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Hello, my audio friends. Thank you for tuning in for what will surely be a life-changing experience. COVID is totally under control, according to the Red States, but change is in the wind. Let’s check in with our latest hero, Canadian of course, and I ask a critical question in regard to Miami Vice.

But there’s more. No, really. Militias in America, a new fountain pen, the concept of mastery, The Front Steps Project, digital looting from the protests, the legend that is John McPhee, and why you should listen to Greg Popovich. I know, I know, too good.

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  1. Another great FWIW. I am about 2/3 the way done. Had to take a break at the Samantha Power part, though. Disaster of a top diplomat. Americans love a good military intervention abroad, and we have all sorts of people along the political spectrum who will push the drug for us. She’ll label it with good intentions, Bolton wants to achieve security through bombing – they’ll both land you smack dab in another Forever War.

    1. That said, I’d read her book. I’ve never understood how people who are familiar with our inability to solve problems in our own country think we can solve them abroad, for other people, militarily. I don’t doubt that she means well.

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      Just the insight into how the committees work, how the bureaucracy works, etc. Astounding. And the difference between the Obama admin and Trump admin. Funny and not so funny.

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      You should read the book. I had an opinion of her before and that opinion is now slightly different. All kinds of rumors about someone like this. And her book was adamantly AGAINST things like the war in Iraq but that did not stop the right from their propaganda. I seek out books like this because of what I’ve heard about someone but often what we hear today is so far off from reality. Look at the virus. Trying to get good data ain’t easy.

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  3. My fountain pen of choice is the (vintage) Sheaffer NoNonsense with the italic fine nib, the all-time favorite of music copyists. The current Sheaffers have a cut-out on the side so you can see the ink cartridge, but I use the older pens with solid sides. I don’t use cartidges, I just fill the whole shaft with ink with an eye-dropper and put a little vaseline on the nib threads to prevent leaking. Better not to board an aeroplane with that setup, but otherwise it’s a winner 🙂

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      Ah yes, the exploding pen routine…I’ve pulled that off several times. Always fun.

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