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It’s going down in Washington right now but I’m inside, holed up, and belting it out. What is it? Not sure yet. Will keep you posted when I figure it out. Let’s talk parachute pants, sedition, and phone calls that might get any of us impeached. Upcoming MMA fights, social media strategy, and the idea of tune in, turn on, and drop out if you really want to know the meaning of your life. Visitor logs, travel, bike helmets and the idea that certain family members may hold the key to your next life. Now get out there and fly your damn drone.

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  1. Trump ran as faux populist, which freaked out the mainstream republicans at the time. In office, he did everything the republicans wanted, appointed Federalist Society judges, tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations, deregulation across the board, so it was easy for them to ignore the heinous stuff that came out of his mouth as long as he was instituting the policies they wanted. He got a significant portion of the working class vote with his populist bullshit, and did nothing for them over the past four years, and yet they voted for him again for the most part because the democrats have left them behind.

    When I got off all social media about eight months ago I had people ask, but where can I see your photos, or I will sure miss your photos. My only presence on the internet is an account on ello. I told people about it, gave them the link, it is totally public. I had one person check it out. Peoples brains have been rewired by social media. To get them to look elsewhere is almost impossible now. If I happen to see someone in person, I can stick a book under their nose. I don’t need a website and don’t need a following other than the folks who have found me on ello.

    Weirdly, we have had the wettest year here in the middle of North Carolina, in a very long time.

    1. Similar experience, Chuck. I only started on social media in about 2016. Sort of. I was on Flickr way back in the day – it felt different, though – there wasn’t the chasing of likes, and I used it on a laptop not a phone. Nuked all of my social media about a year ago. At the time I had about 1500 followers on IG. Probably 20 of those followers were real and not “thumbs” as Dan awesomely called them. Some of my close friends said they were bummed that I vanished so quickly, and that they missed my photos. I told them they could see my photos and read my writing on my blog. Immediately and in unison – “ain’t nobody going to check your blog”.

      They’re right, too! Everyone in my family knows about my site. My mom’s the only one who follows it and who has subscribed haha. Thanks mom!

      Trump was and is such a weird scenario. Both parties are splintered, but I think there’s a good chance of a big GOP fracture.

      The Dems might use that same old playbook that gave us Trump. They’re falling over themselves to get next to the national security crowd. MSNBC is unwatchable – a fat retirement package for military industrial complex types. Bill Kristol David Frum and Max Boot are celebrated. Hope the Dems smarten up.

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      the people who built these networks knew precisely what they were doing to us and they did it anyway. Many have since gone public and admitted as much. And we are only at the beginning of how bad this will get. I think most brains are waiting to be told what to do, what to think, and there is not shortage of volunteers. I love Trump’s “Healthcare plan is coming in two weeks,”nonsense that he spouted for 4.5 years. And his base just laps it up and blames the Dems. Like I said in 2016, if we elect this idiot we deserve what happens. And to watch him attack the Repubs now is just priceless.

  2. Your reference to your father’s relationship with his parents (8.04) reminds me of the brilliant poem by Philip Larkin:
    They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do.
    They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.

    But they were fucked up in their turn
    By fools in old-style hats and coats,
    Who half the time were soppy-stern
    And half at one another’s throats.

    Man hands on misery to man.
    It deepens like a coastal shelf.
    Get out as early as you can,
    And don’t have any kids yourself.

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      I guess they were doing what they felt they had to do. Overall, they both get A’s. But those A’s came with some lumps.

  3. Nice way to spend part of the day, thanks Dan. I think we’re very lucky to not be looking at another four years of DT. I keep telling people it’s as if his advisors handed him a list in August and said, Ok boss, just don’t do any of these 10 things on this list and you’re guaranteed to win. But DT”s making too much noise chugging the Diet Coke and opening a Happy Meal, so he misunderstood. “OK, I’ll do all 10 things on that list, got it.”

    I’m worried that we’ll see a return of the neocons, though. But trying to stay optimistic.

    1. The Lincoln Project was chock full of neocons supporting Biden, and frankly the neoliberals aren’t much better, perpetual war, whoopi.

    2. Friends of mine would send me those Lincoln Project ads. Watched a couple, and they were funny, but I wanted no part of that racket. The very people who helped get the GOP to where it was/is. And as you mentioned – champions of the Forever Wars.

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      We have a broken system. Both parties have vested interest in keeping it that way. We need a redo.

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      Watching him attack the people who enabled him is so classic Trump. You look at the Ted Cruz types and wonder who they could sink so far, even taking spousal abuse from Trump and just saying “thank you.” I don’t identify with either party but the Repubs have undermined any credibility.

  4. And the travel question, I think we are a long way from safe travel, especially overseas. With the delay in getting vaccines out and the newer more contagious strains of covid, no. We have a family get together scheduled for May in Rochester, NY, that was moved from May a year ago, VRBO house already paid for that not going to happen in my opinion.

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      People are traveling but it does seem both risky and a bit selfish. If we don’t get this under control, which might already be impossible, it’s going to be at least another year.

  5. Hey Chuck
    yeh i ditched my instagram account. Now moving (very slowly) to zines. I live in the NC too. I live in the top apartment in my building so the sound of rain is comforting at night. I’ve been needing that for the past 4 years 😉

    1. “Any port in a storm”, huh Jim. 😊 Ello isn’t bad, kinda like methadone use for coming off the heroin of social media. Love zines, but also a slow adapter.

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      Yesterday we had the sound of snow. No fluffy stuff and no sleet. It was pellets al day.

  6. Hi Dan,

    regarding you MacPro, the laptop and the monitor you have: chances are that your monitor has multiple input ports and is capable of switching between them. In that case you don’t need a 2nd monitor. Just getting a fitting cable would do.
    If your monitor has a HDMI input, just get a HDMIHDMI cable and connect the Pro as 2nd input source.



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      Hmm, will take a look. Am getting second monitor as well. The machines will be setup on different tables.

  7. Dan, definitely get a new helmet as basically one decent crash will compromise the integrity of pretty much any cycling helmet. I’m currently using a Smith Rover and it’s light, has decent airflow, and is comfortable so it’s been pretty decent for a mid-priced grey matter protection device. In regards to tubes, as much as I was a hater, once you go tubeless you’ll never go back. No more pinch flats and low PSI for riding in soft sand is just amazing. I will say they’re an absolute PITA to get set up the first time but once they are on there, you’re golden.

    Love the first issue of AG23, can’t wait for the second. Thanks for all you do.

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      Started editing second issue proof this weekend. A few things to move here and there, a few edits and we are ready to go. Should be printed in the next month. And three should be coming before summer. My only issue with tubeless is I like to change tires. And I don’t need tubeless with the Schwalbe. But, at some point, if I keep the mtn tires I’ll go tubeless for sure.

  8. Helmets – I’ve had good luck with Giro helmets. Currently have a Giro Synthe Mips – I ride gravel in SE Ohio on a Salsa Warbird and this helmet has worked great with a few wrecks. I plan to look at Giro, POC, and Fox for my mtb. I haven’t needed a tube since 2016 when my bike shop talked me into tubeless for my Fargo. I carry a backup tube but haven’t needed to use it. I also carry a plug kit for the tubeless just in case. The tubolito tubes look promising for compact size/weight.

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      Nice to all the above. The Warbird, sounds awesome. And the Fargo, ya, love it. The Tubalito is SO light it’s comical. When I received it in the mail I was shocked. My problem is switching tires. When spring comes I’ll be back to the Schwalbe which doesn’t really need tubeless because you just can’t flat those things. But if I keep the mtn tires I’ll be going tubeless. POC helmets look solid. pricy.

  9. Hi Dan,

    A few thoughts on bike stuff that sprung to mind while listening to some of your bike deliberations over the last few podcasts.
    I totally agree with your preference for drop bars, but just check that if you get a bike designed for flat bars that putting drops on isn’t going to make your position too stretched out. Obviously you can change the stem length but it might not be ideal depending on the bike.
    If you can’t get Shimano GRX another option is to get 11 speed XT rear mech and cassette and 105 or Ultegra shifters and use a Wolf Tooth Tanpan to make the shifters work with the rear mech. ( I have used one since 2017 and it’s bomber.
    Also at the risk of sounding… …eccentric, I’d recommend to try oval chainrings (if you haven’t already) . I have a 1x with an Absolute Black chainring and it’s been a revelation. No good if you like standing up and stomping climbs, but otherwise they’re great. btw Shimano got it wrong with Biopace back in the day. Their oval was orientated 90 degrees out from where it should have been which made things worse, not better.
    I’m enjoying your podcasts. Keep ’em coming 😊

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      Wow, all kinds of good things. At some point, maybe, I’ll go GRX on this baby. For now will stick with the SRAM stuff. I’ve not tried oval but where I live is A LOT of standing and stomping. Lots of mountains and lots of climbing. But I’d love to try one.

  10. Bike helmet – agree with Chris get a new one.
    The shock
    absorbing material is a form of styrofoam – it compresses and dors not come back out and that part of the helmet is permanently damaged. The shell may look OK but there is no way to tell.
    Same goes for motorcycle helmet.
    You should also replace it every four-five years – UV light and heat slowly degrades the materials.
    And helmets are not that expensive compared to all the other stuff you spend money on – 3-4 dollars month over its lifetime.

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