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Where do I start? How about the reality of bathroom time for anyone living the actual van life? The Pentax 110 and the hipster connection. My rocketing to fame, or not, and the reasons behind that. Oh, I’m getting an XT4.(wink, wink) Yes, YouTube is about softcore porn and the shameless pander and now I’m all in on this concept. And what happens when I end up in a bush plane in Alaska?

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  1. Hi Dan,
    I laughed so hard at the last story I’m concerned that I might have done myself an injury.
    My lawyer will be in contact as soon as he can get a flight.
    Oh, I’m hearing that drinking disinfectant is much better for your health than a mudslide.
    Another tip whilst I’m at it, open your mouth wide, insert speedlight and pop the flash. Strong light cures all.
    Tip, you may need a second person to peer up your rear orifice as you pop the flash to make sure that the light is getting through.

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      If it were not happening and I told you it simply would not be possible to believe. I was 30-seconds in a replay of his presser and I just couldn’t do it. To hear the idiot say these things, not surprising. But to continue to hear NOTHING from the entire Republican party, stunning. What are they so afraid of?

  2. Brad PItt? LOL I was once mistaken for John Belushi by a very drunk guy in a bar. I had to spend 40 minutes convincing him that Belushi was (by that time)…DEAD…that I wasn’t DEAD…..I finally convinced him and all he could say was “Yeh yer really not that good looking, I see that now.”

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      Drunks will challenge logic. That’s why we love them so much. I think I’ll have another.

  3. I figured you’d be after that XT-4 for the flip-out screen more than anything else since you do so much talking to the camera on your own.

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