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I’ve waited a long time to bring you this film, story, and book(s). I met Elliot Ross several years ago while attending an industry event and I knew immediately that he, and his creative collaborators, would make great things. One of those creative collaborators is Genevieve Allison and the pair teamed up on a project of note, one that covers an area dear to my heart; the border.

American Backyard is a look at a long, intimate voyage along a highly disputed, highly politicized strip of Earth separating several nations. I’ve seen many projects about the border. This is a good one and worth your time and energy.

Elliot Ross

Genevieve Allison

Gnomic Book

American Backyard Book

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    1. It’s a great film by my friend Ben – in fact some of my photos are in the film if you watch closely!


  1. Hey, I ordered the book soon after watching the video. You may be interested to know that I then got an email from the publisher – “We have had a large run of orders for the book in the last hour or so – do you mind if I ask where you heard about it?” I had no hesitation in answering – Dan the Man, youtube star, advertising guru etc etc.

    I also want to throw some love out there to the publisher. US$28 for the book, including shipping from Holland to Australia. Most publishers charge more than that for shipping alone. I don’t know how they can do it but all power to them.

  2. Out of curiosity, can you folks see the video on this post? I can’t but others seem to be able to see it. Think I’ve got a glitch.

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  3. Great film! This is very helpful in understanding the choices and collaborations that made between photographer, writer, publisher, and reader. I also enjoyed hearing about how the business side of how the connection was made.

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