Creative: Question and Answer 47

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Hey, it’s your old pal Uncle Dan. Back with another question and answer. I do think this is a good one. Lots of poignant crap to consume. Mostly photography related this time, which is both good and bad, but who am I to tell you what questions to ask?

1. 1:25: Why was David Butow reprimanded for reversing an image in the enlarger?

2. 8:38: What does an assistant do? What about copyright?

3. 13:08: Why do you use a Uni-Ball Jetstream?

4. 16:25: Tips on books from Alex and Rebecca Webb?

5. 21:24: Any tips for working on a project while having limits on your time?

6. 29:12: How do you get past a project?

7. 30:00 Film enlargement size?

8. 34:48: What do you think about toning black and white?

9. 37:15: Is not having intent a version of intent? And is it okay?

10: 40:47: Do we need fancy cameras?