Blurb Tips 0002 Make a Sample Book

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I can’t really paint or make art of any kind. But I do, or at least I try. From time to time I make something that I think “Hmm, that might be okay,” and then I show it to a few people, or my wife. Sometimes I get a wink, or nod or pat on the back, but most of the time I strike out. Striking out is what is supposed to happen. Nobody makes great stuff all the time, but the idea you just have to try, to put it out there. Same for books. JUST MAKE SOMETHING. Anything really. Don’t stress. Just play, experiment, tinker and THEN go for the opus. This all starts by making sample books, test books. I guarantee this will be far more enjoyable and will lead you to better and most interesting publications.

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      Zines are hot right now. They have been for a while, and valid for even longer. And…they are fun.

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