BikeLife: Episode 004

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No real message here people, just the pure joy of riding in rural New Mexico during a rapidly intensifying fall. These are the times. We need to find the time to push pedals. There is always a reason NOT to ride, or photograph, or write, or read. Always. But then how happy are we when we take the actual time to do these things? I’ll answer that for you. Intensely happy.

The past week has seen beautiful, easy, poetic rides mixed with one of the hardest thirty miles I’ve ever done. I’m spent as I write this, but in the end, it’s totally worthwhile. If not now, when? I keep checking weather reports for the coming weeks and we look to be in a mild stretch. Yes, we’ve had good snow already but now we are back in the 50s. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Dirt hardpacked like tarmac. The ultimate gravel experience.

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