August by Tobin Walton

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Tobin Walton dropped this little baby on my doorstep, and for this I say “Thank you!” A handmade Zine titled “August, Meditations and Meanderings from the month of August 2015.” Typewritten title page, handmade illustrations, ink on paper, a handmade paper of some sort for a cover, a few staples and the results are outstanding. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, receiving these style pubs, for me, is as good or better than receiving straight photography books. These small, personal publications are in some cases as considered as an offset monograph, but they come with none of the pretentions or stresses of a mainstream print piece. Perhaps what makes them so grand is there are no limits to this style pub. No acquisition editor, no design team, no editor, no need to morph the book into something sellable, just an artist with total creative control. There is certainly a place for all kinds of publications, so don’t think I’m going to hang up my photo book spurs, but long live the Zine.


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  1. Daniel, thanks for the generous review. I’m really excited to have my book on your site.
    The cover is made from leftover felt paper from the roofing job I finished the day before I compiled the book.
    I just finished the artwork for another book, I’m hoping to get it out soon.
    I loving your site.

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      That is maybe the best cover material story I’ve ever heard. I would have never figured that out. Ingenious.

  2. Tobin, I was so intrigued when you brought that in a while back. I just couldn’t explain why I liked it! It captured my attention & had my eyes & mind pondering things…patterns…even the blank spaces. I’m not an artist, but I certainly Love ART.

    Thanks for explaining some things for me Daniel Milnor 🙂

    Keep it up Mr. T!

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      NO problem. Glad you like. He did a good job. And the roofing material is classic.

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