Adventure: Training

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Lots and lots of training. For what? I don’t know yet. Exactly. Stuff. Things. Places. Tops of things, bottoms of things and layer upon layer of what’s in the middle. Up fairly late for me, 6:45ish. Oatmeal. Coffee. Yoga. Smoothie. The ride. Two bottles. One gel shot. Weird weather. Warm in the sun but cool with wind. I wear a jersey, sleeves, a warmth layer and a shell to block the wind. I like to be HOT when I ride. Turning inland off Coast Highway and I get a tailwind and sun. Sweat POURS of my face and head. I stare at the ground as I find a breathing pattern. Climbing. Hadn’t sweat like that in a while. At one point it felt like my head was about twenty degrees warming than my body. I thought maybe I was going to die but it eventually passed. Rich douchebags in exotic cars ripping by me at 100+. Racing each other with coffee in hand on their way to golf. I daydream about riding across Death Valley.

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