Adventure: Training

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This was the fuel required for today’s ride. Coffee, banana, one bottle of water with Heed. Thirty ounces. That’s it. I had good legs today. Good legs means you can hammer and never pop, burn up, hit the wall, bonk, implode, etc. Having good legs is rare for me, so when I have them I try to enjoy. I should have eaten more before, during and after but I’m weird that way. Learning from past behavior? What? Me? Still beautiful here. Lots and lots of green and flowers like you have never seen. The midday ride is void of most clutter and human traffic on the trails. Most people who are out during this time of day know what they are doing. Except the drivers. They are still bats%$# crazy.

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  1. Mid-day, mid-week rides are the best.

    Humans should not be driving. 2 close calls today on getting t-boned. Both drivers staring at phones, ignoring their stop signs then flipping me off because I yelled at them. I am not shy about letting someone know they f’d up on the road.

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      It’s funny how the driver who almost kills you is the same driver who rolls down the window and yells. This was true when I rode a motorcycle too. I would nearly be killed by someone who would then roll down the window…and…apologize? NEVER. They would roll down the window and unleash a expletive laden rage at me. Women were the worst actually “You f^%^%$% ass%$%$, why are you riding that f%$%$#$ thing on the street?” Then go right back to their phone.

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