Adventure: Training

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So I did this ride twice in the last two days. There is one section where you descend a steep, rough bike path where you can easily do 30mph, and in the middle of the descent, in the shade, there is an uneven patch that can really bite you if you aren’t careful. If you don’t have a good grip you can eat s$%$ in a major way. As I crested the hill there must have been ten cop cars and the trail was blocked. Someone ate s%$# at high speed. A good rider, in a group. The blood stain was six feet long.

But hey, good news. It wasn’t me.(Bad joke.) I feel bad for the rider. Wish them a rapid recovery and pain free future, but in moments like that you take stock of your appendages, your kit, your mental space and you grit your teeth. Today’s ride was just training. Riding with my neighbor on a Easter shortened timeline.

Get out and ride!

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