Adventure: The Love of Damage

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Stay with me here. I honestly think most photographers would be better if they had cuts on their hands. Or scrapes, or blisters or road rash. I have to say, if I was going to rate myself on the “handy” scale I would just go straight to “Zero,” even if there wasn’t an official listing that low. I’m NOT handy. But, I can do manual labor with the best of them. I love to work, always have. Things like digging.

My first job growing up was picking up nails. Now, you might thing that is SO easy. Just remember, this was 8000 feet in Wyoming and the area which I had to cover was HUGE. Every time it would rain old nails from the 1800s would come up to the surface and the ranch trucks would get flats. Hence I with bucket became a fixture. I was in second grade.

If I look terrified it is because I was terrified. The canyon to my left was home to a family of black bears. I could hear them at times and had one very, very close encounter with a momma and cubs near this area.

Next job, breaking the beaver dam. Every morning. Those little buggers know how to build. Genius. Over the years I installed hot tubs, worked construction, etc. I love manual labor and never felt like that style of work was any worse than working in the tech world. And Hell, labor was far more rewarding than most photography related events. Believe it or not.

If I WAS handy I would magnify this post considerable. Heck, if I was handy I probably would not have become a photographer. Anyway, I now have cuts on my hands most of the time and I can only see this getting “better.”

The pandemic has given us all a chance to try new things, and I know that this situation is HORRIBLE for most, so I’m not downplaying the severity. What I’m saying is try something physical, see what happens.

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