Adventure: The History of MR Angus

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As many of you know, I spend part of my childhood on a ranch in Wyoming. I recently traveled there to see old friends and attempt to make a project. My dad’s ranch partner, Juan Reyes, called me yesterday and told me about a film that was done about Juan, his family, the ranch, etc. “You should watch it because I talk about your dad,” he said. Juan came to the states as a refugee from Cuba then ended up with a family in Washington state. He and my parents met in the mid 1970’s in Wyoming, and this is how our little story begins. I wanted to share the link to this for anyone wanting a little background on how an American ranching family comes about.

Juan was, in many ways, as important to my childhood as my father was. I was both terrified of Juan and also in awe of him. He dipped Skoal, smoked Winstons and could weld, fix fence, ride horses, move cows and do just about anything else that was required. He taught me to a variety of things including some EPIC curse words that I still deploy today when the need arises.

My parents in Wyoming, mid 70’s.My wife now wears the belt buckle my dad is wearing and I recently lost that vest and it’s killing me.

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  1. Finally watched the video about Juan. What a story he told… and that, only a glimpse from the interview.

    Also, all the advertisements were cool, heh.

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      He’s the real deal. And yes, ads in that country are slightly different than say in….Los Angeles.

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