Adventure: The Cloak

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I love it when I mention winter in New Mexico and I’m met with “What are you talking about, it doesn’t snow in New Mexico.” This is incredibly common, which is why I often mention it, to gauge reaction. You also get folks, American folks, who don’t know New Mexico is part of the United States. Believe it or not. And you get plenty who know it’s part of the United States they just don’t where it is. For those of you living overseas, this might seem implausible but I’m about to write a lot more about this using a 1973 Burt Reynolds film to prove my point. American might not be the place you imagine.

Last Sunday we had snow. It felt like the last of it, for this winter anyway. I’m ready for warmth. I’m too damn skinny and lack the proper kit to ride in conditions like this. I also prefer to walk after snow because of how silent things are. A great time to just think and trudge. Don’t leave your shoes out like I did.

This was my first real winter since I was a child. And I have to say, I loved it completely. Sure, there were times of bitter cold, subzero temps, and the limits that come with it, but what living a winter did was make me appreciate in a different way. I feel silly for spending so much of my life in one or two season locations. Four, for me, is far more interesting. Spring is fascinating, especially if you like nature. Fall as well. Summer here is a time of extreme, a time of planning and a time of celebration. Seasons make you act differently. Timing becomes important. The calendar takes on all new relevance. And appreciating is a lot, for me. Not to say a good long road trip south is not going to be part of my winter future.

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  1. The best thing about riding a bike – actually feeling the seasons. Really feeling them, without a heater or air conditioner to hide behind.

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      Within reason. For me it’s the 30-degree cutoff. Below 30 I’m not riding. Add elevation, dryness and wind and my body says “Hey, go read.” On the opposite side, heat, bring it on. No level too high.

  2. We tend to not appreciate what doesn’t change. Seasons are great, we have textbook seasons here, minus 30C during winter and 30C plus during summer and everything in between. Sometimes winters are horrible, storm after storm and meters of snow and other years it’s pretty calm like this year. It’s fun. But just as you say, it demands an adjustment on our part.

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