Adventure: Texas River Fishing

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It started the day before. The trash talk. My mom and I. “You are probably too old to find the river, and even if you did you would probably fall in and I would have to save you,” I said to her. “I’ve caught more fish than you knew existed in the world,” she answered. “I don’t want to hear excuses, and don’t be shocked when I become famous,” I added.

Texas river fishing. Again. Even though we talk it’s really just about being out there. It’s perfect. Private land. An offshoot section of water. A lot of fish. A hundred degree day, so the big fish are deep and I only throw the dry fly, so I’m after the young and crazy.

The first hit comes the second the fly hits the water. Small tails fighting over it. It disappears then floats back up. The water is clear. I can see the little buggers coming up. Then comes the black tail. The bass, hunting. Small but violent when it makes up it’s mind. My skills are frayed. Not enough time on the water. My knot skills are putrid. Have to remedy this.


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  1. It’s like the photog with a good machine under full control and results are magic.
    Great start of your post “I caught more…”, hilarious!

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