Adventure: Texas Flyfishing

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Yep, got a shot at my favorite Central Texas fish house. I’ve been here many, many times and always have fun. This day I got to take my wife, mother and sister. Knowing this I was prepared for nearly anything. Maybe we would fish for four hours or maybe just four minutes. The conversation would most likely NOT be about fishing. I would be untangling lines, coaching and then talking RELENTLESS shit if and when I hooked something before they did. Nobody escapes competitive-for-no-reason-nonsense in my family. Even mom. You should see her if she lands something before me. I will look over to see her deadpan face staring at me and will then watch as a grin slowly expands across her face as she starts talking about how great she is and how bumbling and clueless I am.

What do we do with the fish? Just bludgeon them with a boat oar and leave them for the vultures. What else? Just kidding. We are catch and release folks unless I’m fishing for Walleye which I keep and eat. Sometimes the occasional trout will end up in the skillet. Very rarely a bass, which is what we were fishing for here in Texas.

We had high wind this particular day which made things a bit tricky. Still, anytime I get a shot at this activity I’m a happy man. As you can see, I had my Atlas pack with me. This baby has been with me every step of the last six months. From hiking and fishing to city travel, business meetings, etc. I’m digging it. Lightweight, carries like a real hiking pack and doesn’t look like it’s filled with cameras and computers. At one point I had my entire mirrorless kit, two laptops, an iPad Pro, three days of clothes, my toilet kit, cables, chargers, etc. and it STILL fit under the seat in front of me on the good old Southwest jet. I had boarding group C, which is normally the kiss of death, but I just waltzed on and took the first middle seat, much to the broken dreams of those dreaming of an empty middle seat. Stuffed the Atlas under the seat and promptly fell asleep. By the way, Atlas has a serious IG feed if you want to see how others are using these bags. I’m tame in comparison.

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  1. Am I the only one who read ‘wife, mom and sister’ and then was disappointed to scroll down and see Milnor’s shoes?


    PS, except for the 3rd row down from the top on the right side you’all use different flies than us up here in BC eh?

    Happy Holidays to all.

    1. Post

      You are lucky my mom, sister and wife are three separate women…….. Those flies cover Steelhead, trout, bass and the stray Great White.

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