Adventure: Santa Fe Life

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Just a taste of what my life in Santa Fe is like. Early morning rides everyday. Hikes. Nothing too huge but all at elevation. Gearing up for a few more epic rides/hikes this coming weekend. Will share those once they are complete. Being in the mountains is one of my favorite things of all time. This morning was a sunrise ride to about 9000 feet, steam coming off the forest, birdsong, smoke and the peaceful rhyme of heartbeat and breath.


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  1. Nice. Such a killer area. Nothing beats summertime in the mountains. Except maybe winter. Those look like some great rides for your sea level lungs. Keep enjoying.

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      Hey Sean,

      I’ve got a pavement to dirt to pavement ride coming up. Starts at 7000 feet, goes to over 9000 then back down. Then a 14 mile hike on Sunday. Send me some stuff you are doing!

    2. Sounds like an excellent weekend.

      New day job has me living on an airplane these days but, when I’m home, I get a ride in every day. Mostly road rides. They keep me sane. Denver has a pretty good paved trail system that keeps me out of traffic for most of the loops I do.

      Getting in the dirt is possible, just a bit more time consuming as we’re about 45min from local trail heads. Usually save those rides for dawn patrols on the weekends. Beat the crowds.

      Hoping to check off a few more 14ers this summer as well as do a little camping.

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      That sounds great. I like Santa Fe because I can leave for road or mtn from my tiny house. 12+ peaks, rivers or hiking trails. Just need more TIME!

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      Oh, let me add fatigue to this list….I’m so friend right now. BUT, had a good mix of adventures here. More soon.

    2. That fatigue is the best fatigue. Being outside. Getting above tree line. Conquering a mountain. Coming back from something physically demanding. Testing yourself. Finding your limits then going beyond. All good things.

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