Adventure: Santa Fe Baldy Hike

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PHOTO: JUSTIN from AUSTIN (marmot whisperer and finder of the lake)

Eight hours, 3700+ feet of elevation gain, one ankle rollover with near fall(I saved it.), 12,600 top elevation with a whopping 2.4mph average speed. Now, does anyone know where I can get a new hip? Cheap, even something plastic? Message me if you have any contacts. I’d done this hike before, and will do it again, but what I’ve learned is that each hike of this nature is a unique beast. Weather, temperature, companionship, mental state, timeline, smoke from fires, etc. A puzzle waiting to be solved by sweat and luck.

This was the first time I carried a camera on a hike like this, and the first time I tested out my new Atlas Athlete pack, which was stellar. More than I needed on this hike, but a good test none the less. I carried the camera around my neck the entire day, and the pack has a chest strap that kept the camera from flopping around. The weather was perfect. Much warmer than last year, and much less wind. I summited-too strong a word for a 12,000 foot hike-but quickly stripped down to my leopard thong…… Just kidding, wanted to see if you were still paying attention. I stripped down to my t-shirt and was comfortable. Lots of smoke in the air early on, but it cleared out and the views stretched one hundred miles. Pecos Wilderness, Truchas Baldy, the Jemez, Albuquerque, etc. There were also far fewer hikers this year than last. Not sure why. The only danger came when we were surrounded by a pack of ravenous chipmunks who felt the need to descend on our packs. I shined the sun off the blade of my pocketknife and they slowed backed away.

On a serious note. Get out there. Don’t wait. If a hike like this seems to much then just go sit at the trailhead, or hike for 30 minutes, or go read at the base. These places are in danger, so now is the time.

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  1. New hip? Uhhhhmmm you sure? Got both mine replaced…kinda a long haul if you know what I mean 😉

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      Ernesto would make the mountain his bitch. In a nice way, and anyone else in his path. He changed his axels in the parking lot while waiting for the rest of the team, then skinning a water buffalo and make jackets for everyone.

  2. Pains and aches … we are all getting old. Yes, you too Milnor. Best remedy for your hip pain and your hurted soul … Sun, salt water, straw umbrellas, and piña colada. Wait! That seems to be my solution for everything in life … hummmmmm …

    Sorry for the off topic, but I have … (suspense music here) … A gear question!
    Oh no!
    Yes! I know …
    I’m selling the “precious” digital Leica I got myself (used) for my 40th birthday. Te camera of my dreams. Because the files are how to put this nicely … Crap! Maybe Fujo has me all spoiled but there is no comparison with the X100T files. Seriously, not even close. So I thought in selling it, getting myself a Fuji that I will be happy with and also put some cash back in my pocket. So my question is … Since you are a big fan of rangefinders, also use the X100T; what made you go for the X-T2 over the X Pro2?

    Sorry for poisoning the post with a gear question, I’m just really curious about it.

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      Hmm, very interesting. If you sell that Leica you could also take that money and buy A LOT of pina coladas! As for the Fuji, no real reason other than I loved the Xt2 the first moment I used it. I’m sure I would love the XPro2 as well. I need a second body actually but will probably stay with the XT2 unless a newer body arrives. The files are great. A quick recipe application, export and I’m done.

    2. True, I could buy a lot of piña coladas with that money … Well, will see what happens. I’m quite happy with the X100T and the 50mm converter too, not too flexible as a system tho.

      … Piña colada sounds good …

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