Adventure: Salomon SpeedCross 3

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I’ve posted this route many times before, but this was the first time I ran the entire first half, 3.5 miles of steep ups and downs. Now, I actually COULD have run the entire thing, but the return trip is mostly uphill and I needed to keep something in reserve. As you know, the Lyme thing kicked my ass for several years and still toys with me from time to time, so I can’t go full into red without repercussions.

The trail was full of people today. I didn’t get there till 10:30 or so. Just imagine The Walking Dead in bright clothing and you will get the feel. Kids, the elderly, pros, all shaken, stirred and guzzled in one glass.

But it gets better. I really haven’t run in over four years. Like not at all. My joints explode with pain when I do, so I keep to the bike and to hikes where I can limit my impact. But I just went for it. My calves were already sore by the time I hit Coast Highway. Do you have any idea what this means? It means that I will barely be able to walk by the time you read this. Cycling is great, but no matter how hard I hammer I never get sore. Well, running will remedy this. Jesus Christo. Pray for me.

Okay, the shoes. My Hoka’s finally bit the dust. I literally wore them so long a giant section of the sole fell off. But they were great shoes, and I will buy Hoka again. I have never had Salomon shoes before, but I really dig these Speedcross 3’s. Okay, my “review.”

The soles are insanely good. There is ZERO slip going up or down, and I’m running things that are so steep people have trouble just walking them. These things have truly remarkable traction. The sole also allows for great feel while still providing enough thickness to dampen the super rocky, super loose mini talus fields I find myself on. These surfaces are ankle sprain territory but the Salomon’s were rock solid. The speed laces are cool, but I did read that sometimes they loosen which allows for some midsole drift if you will. So, I bought the shoes 1/2 size larger than normal, which works perfectly. My feet are narrow, just like my mind, and even with my disgusting inserts I pulled from my Hoka’s, my feet still slid in these but only in the steepest of the downhills and the added room was awesome. I will also be wearing these at high altitude where my hands and feet tend to swell.

If you follow the link you will notice the Speedcross 4 is out. I could have bought the 4, but I’m a cheap bastard and worked the sales people by saying “Hey, you know the 4 is out, so what tired loser will still want the 3’s?” I did get a small discount. There is hope for the world.

Oh sweet Jesus I’m sore. Just sitting in this chair writing this and I feel like my lower half is in prison riot mode. Oh, JUST after coming home I immediately went outside and lay prone for about fifteen minutes. When I began to move again my left knee made the largest crack it has EVER made. Now, you might think this is a bad thing, and perhaps it is, but my left knee has not been right since 1986, so what I’m thinking is that it FINALLY snapped back into place? Right? Maybe? Could be? Possibly? Perhaps? If I’m lucky?

Get out there and do stuff.

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  1. Salomon are great shoes. I had a pair years ago. Don’t ask me the name. But they lasted, the were very durable, and they were very comfortable. True that the speed laces sometimes came a bit loose.
    My choice now are Altra. I like the zero drop thing, you have to change your stride a bit if you run heel to toe type of thing, but once you get used to it it is great and your joints don’t suffer as much as with other shoes. I used to use the Superior model. The grip was insane! In steep downhill with gravel, rocks, tree roots and pretty much anything you can find in a trail zero slippage, I mean ZERO. They have models with thicker midsole that makes for a more comfortable ride. Give them a try if you will in the future. They are awesome and the wide toe box makes for a very comfy shoe when your feet expand.

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      I don’t know Altra. Will check them out. I’m a big Hoka fan too if you haven’t tried them.

  2. Happens to me almost every Spring. My lungs don’t tolerate the winter cold very well so my cardio is limited for what seems to be a little more than 11 months here in Canada. When I hit my first run of the year my body hurts for a week or more. But it’s a good hurt, I grimace and smile at the same time when I get up. That said, it’s still -4 outside today, hopefully it’ll warm up soon so that I can start running.

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    2. I didn’t specify Celcius but it’s still is under freezing temperature. -4F that’s March weather here not April! So you get why my outdoor exercise is limited during winter and why I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation on my first Spring run. Which is really not coming coming fast enough, we still had freezing rain yesterday.

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      That’s just cruel. My wife wakes up like a hibernating bear everyday, so I now have no fear of bears.

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