Adventure: Precious Seconds

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Not entirely how sure how many times I’ve seen rainbows. From second grade through high school our family dabbled in Wyoming wherefrom about June to September you had rainbows nearly every day. Sometimes doubles. Sometimes triples.

The physics are nothing special but the results always are. A spectacle. We stop what we are doing and rush to see if the rainbow is complete. Is there a second? How long will it last. Should I shoot it with my phone, my camera? Both?

The rainbow won’t translate here. But you will get an idea. Nothing substitutes for the feel, the smell, the sound and the combustion of cloud, wind, rain, and sun. For that, you have to be there. And ya, there was gold at the end but I blew it hiring Van Halen to play at my birthday party.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this Mr. Milnor. If you’re here and I’m here, isn’t it our time? Great movie.

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      Doesn’t that stuff give you brain damage? Only if you do it every day for a month.

  2. David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar? I have to acquiesce that they were both “Van Halen” (especially since neither has the last name of “Van Halen”) but it is still an important philosophical question.

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      I saw them both. Roth was the better showman. And the original tends to always overtake the subsequent versions.

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