Adventure: No Name Ridge x 2

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This is a 7.4 mile out and back, or down and back, or up and down and back. We only did a portion but what we were greeted with was MAYBE the best SoCal sky I’ve seen. We’ve had four days of “weather.” Clouds mostly. Very, very rare in these parts, so we didn’t make it as far as we wanted only because we were stopping with mouths agape. Looking out over the Pacific you could see Catalina AND Clemente. Crystal clear. Layered. I’ve noticed that with increasing screen time the need for getting out is more and more important. I look around me and see so many “screen bodies,” and “phone bodies.” Prematurely fat, prematurely gray, prematurely rounded in the wrong places and the wrong direction, blown eyesight, etc. I’m fortunate I was born with somewhat decent genes, meaning I’ve never been overweight, but I’ve had my fair share of health issues. Getting out of shape is easy. Getting back in is difficult. I also find that being in open space readjusts us back to being human, back to the abilities we had after leaving the ooze. The VAST majority of what we design in our lives is designed to separate us from our past, so anything we can do to return to basics is a good thing. Stop reading this stupid site and do your own hikes you lazy punks! (Take me with you!)

Okay, I just did this hike again, at dawn with my neighbors. Hence the headlamp photograph. Dark, cool but so damn beautiful. We misjudged our timing a bit and had to run much of the second half. Felt good, but not sure how I’ll feel later today. PS: I came home from the hike and went right back on the screen. Truth be told.

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