Adventure: New Mexico

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Give me a few days in New Mexico and I’ll make the most of it. Run(tiny), hike, fish and ride. Not to mention consume as much local stuff as humanly possible. A strange food trip for me. Eating once a day. Mostly vegan. Not sure what is going on with this. Oh, played guitar once as well. Not for long as it was right after dinner and when I’m here I’m normally asleep by 9PM. No joke. I’m up at 5AM, but most of the time at night I’m wiped out. A good thing.

Was able to get out this past weekend and head up north. Found a valley that remind me of Wyoming as a kid. Massive. Earthmovers in the distance looked like children’s toys. 8000+ elevation. Cool even in midday August. Fall is here people, and it’s coming fast this year. Gonna be a big winter. My bones already hurt. And much and so nice. Almost everyday. Boomers. Lighting, sheets of gray painting the topography. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I wish I had fish to show you but I didn’t land a single one. Had many on, but for some reason never finished the deal. Doesn’t matter. Just look at where I got to fish. I had wrong setup, wrong fly, etc. Even threw bass flies just to see what would happen.(NOTHING) Wasn’t prepared but was so happy to be there.

A few more adventures from this week.

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  1. Nice. Wish I had time to fly fish more. It’s one of those zen moments for me.

    Fall is definitely on the move up here as well. Late evening, early morning, I can smell it. Latest storm system dusted the peaks down to 10,000′ earlier this week. Hoping to grab one or two more 14ers and one more ride day at Winter Park before it really settles in.

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      Man, it’s coming early. More rain on the way today, but up top it’s could be white. I’d like to do one 14k before winter.

    2. Been raining all afternoon. Started right after I got home from a ride. Saw it coming and the race was on.

      I’d be more than willing to plan a climb, or a few, with you. You’re within striking distance to plenty of amazing areas between Telluride, Durango and Silverton. The backcountry down there is jaw dropping. Most of the peaks have class 1 and 2 routes. Nothing too crazy unless you want to hang out in some big air…

      Totally serious. Just let me know.

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      Would love to. Probably a hike more than a climb, but I’m up for a good hike. We are loaded with options from here to there. I’ll be back out here in October. Might still be time to hike something nice.

    4. Coolest. There’s got to be some good stuff down near you around Angel Fire and/or Taos.

      Keep me posted. I could use a little mini adventure.

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      Was fishing near Angel Fire two days ago. We could do Wheeler in Taos, highest point in state.

  2. Wheeler looks like a good trek. Let’s keep an eye on the weather and see what happens over the next month. Some of the leaves are starting to turn up here already.

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