Adventure: New Mexico Movement

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A lot going on out here.

I don’t want to travel anymore. My wanderlust for the rest of the world has been overwhelmed by this state. There is SO MUCH here that a lifetime of free time wouldn’t even make a dent. Throw in photography projects, films, education, exploration, adventure, hiking, climbing, fishing, riding, etc. and I have the rest of my years cut out for me. I’ve been cycling a bit, but not that hardcore. My daily 20-miler mostly, but might attempt ski basin again soon. A few hikes but nothing major. And one day of fishing but dreaming of more. I’m working two jobs now, so my life is hectic. I was asked yesterday what are the biggest challenges of my life at the moment and my answer was two fold. “Lyme and being rushed.” I’ve based myself out of New Mexico for the past two months and have been flying out of ABQ for my work needs, which has been FANTASTIC. First, I love ABQ and I love the ABQ airport. It’s so easy. I also like that most of the time I’m leaving early AM, so I get up at 4:15AM and drive south while the sun is just coming up. The view and feel is why I’m alive. My wife flies out every other week or so, or I fly back, or we meet somewhere in between. She is my life force, so gotta keep that energy flowing. And I’m a total stud and she needs me, but you all knew that. It’s OBVIOUS.

I hope this post finds you feeling equally alive and equally motivated.

PS: I can’t remember if I posted these images before, and I’m too lazy to check. PSS: I LOVE My Fuji and I LOVE my Atlas packs and I LOVE my Hoka One One’s and I LOVE my Tacoma. And no I did not drink that beer.

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  1. Haha great post my friend, there’s only one passage I have a problem with, you know which one 😉 One day I’ll hang with you there.

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  2. Dude. You’re reading my mind. I’m on the same wave length these days. Have been for awhile. There is so much in our area to go see, explore, experience. People forget how big this country actually is. There are still huge swaths of nothingness. Those places of pure quietness without cell signals where you can look up into the night sky and fully realize how small and insignificant you are in the grand scheme.

    Stoked you have that rhythm.

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      I’ve been in SoCal for 21 years and still haven’t seen all of Orange County. I laugh when people come to Santa Fe for three days and say “Ya, we did all the cool things.” That’s the IG mentality I think. I’ve been here ten years and haven’t even come close to mining the trail complex that I can walk to from my house. Let alone the rest of the state. It’s not like I don’t dream about Western Australia or riding my bike through Peru but I realize I can burn a lot less carbon and have a similar experience here.

    2. You mean there’s more than the triangle between PCH, I-5 and 405?

      I’m always discovering new stuff and I really haven’t made a dent in what’s available by foot or if I increased my radius by another hour.

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  3. Man, once we are done with work etc. in Singapore I NEED to get to NM…Miss it like mad.

    It is funny/tragic that you can live in SF and get to ABQ in probably what 1/4 of the time you could get to LAX !

    See you out there, soon, someday!

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