Adventure: Los Poblanos

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So I got a chance to stay at Los Poblanos in Albuquerque. I’d heard about this place for years but never had an option until now. The idea was 2.5 days with the wifey poo poo. Just us. No plans. No rushing around the Land of Enchantment. For the most part we held to the plan. This place is a working farm, and one of the options you have is to volunteer to work, which we did for three or four hours the first morning. We picked apples, blackberries then ended up helping to replant some lavender.

I’m not really one to photograph myself in these places, or these moments. Hell, I don’t really photograph myself at all, but I do like to snoop around with the camera to have something to print for postcards at a later date. This is what you see here. I like this place for several reasons. First, it runs along the Rio Grande, and that bosque that runs along the river is tranquil and beautiful. I also like the rooms and saltwater pool. Nothing pretentious or over the top. Quiet, great views, comfy. Also, the staff was incredibly friendly. Food was great and the grounds have some remarkable, peaceful gardens. All in all, a nice few days away and something rare for wifey poo poo and I.

I got some journaling done, some writing, a bit of design, paid some bills, rode our bikes and learned a little bit about farming lavender. What’s not to like. (Yes, caught bee in action in shot below, which means I am a master photographer with countless awards to my name, and I am master of nature, and master of the bee.)

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      I hadn’t made images in a long, long time, so it was nice to just walk and make snapshots. This is basically the extent of my photography these days although I’m experimenting with a little motion as well.

  1. Hope you saved the insect in the photograph. Paper tissue soaks up the water if you are in time, The pool looks very inviting.

  2. Los Poblamos is one of our treasures here in the Abq. Did you see the little elf houses in the grove of trees by the lodge?

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      Yes. No. Maybe. I actually don’t know. I was all over the property but I don’t remember elf houses. I was all over that area. Hmmmm….

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