Adventure: Inland OC

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This was a good ride for me. Not too long and not too tall. I did ride several short hill sections back to back to make things more interesting. But, the key for me was lack of preparation. Normally, I need to fuel up before I ride. I need food. But on this day I had only a tiny bowl of sheep milk yogurt, blackberries, cashews, Chilean red banana and one small spoon of honey. And coffee. Now, if I don’t load up beforehand I have to take more food with me, but on this day I decided to forgo this sensible solution and only carry two two gel shots combined with two bottles of Heed. If you don’t know what Heed is then Google it.

I then rode hard. Too hard actually. Just to see what would happen. How long before I was done, spent, wobbly. Then I time how long it takes me to get my legs back. It’s a sick little game I like to play, post Lyme, just to see what I can get away with.

The good news is if I ride easy and slow I can now do a 50-mile ride with zero trouble. There are certain days where, if I had the time, a century could be in the cards. Riding around The OC is BORING. So boring, but it’s also very, very easy. Fifty miles at elevation in New Mexico is far more challenging but far more fun and far more beautiful. And it’s nice to know the New Mexican air you are sucking in doesn’t have a base layer of cancer like the air in The OC.(Yes, it’s actually polluted people, but they never cover this on the reality shows based here.) I always figure if you can see the air you are breathing it’s probably not that great.

But any day I can ride is a good day. Hope to see you out there.

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  1. You take photos of your bike, like me. My lungs can do 50 – no problem – my rear-end, that’s another story.

    New Mexico calling? Hope so.


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      Comfort is one of those things that gets overlooked, especially by non cyclists. Another over 50 is when it really become apparent that any little issue you had at the start has the potential to be a huge issue.

  2. Nice to see you using Hammer. Good stuff. Their products have the lowest processed sugar amount out of anyone. My pantry looks like a storeroom for them. One recommendation for you, especially if you’re out practicing your bonking, is to get some Recovery mix for the post ride.

    OC rides are definitely boring. Too many stop lights. Traffic sucks. The air sucks. Most of the views suck. I do not miss riding there.

    No ride today and I’m twitching. Going to try for some time in the dirt tomorrow. Fill the lungs with high altitude fall.

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      We are now headed toward the frigid seasons. I will mostly be hiking when it NM and cycling only when I’m in SoCal. I’d love to get in a West Texas series this winter but not sure it’s doable. Heed is great. You can feel it entering your blood. Like filling the gas tank. I use their Endurolights as well.

    2. That’s too bad. Rides out of Santa Fe have to be pretty amazing. No reason to stop just because it’s cold out. Some of my best rides happen during the winter.

      I’m in my October slow down now. More dirt than pavement. Slightly smaller gears. Higher cadences. I’ll start adding in more hikes come November then hike, ski and ride through the winter.

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      Clearly I’ve failed to mention something. Dan = wimp. Dan + cold weather =’s ZERO. It’s the new math. Now, on my own defense, I have ZERO cold weather cycling kits. So, maybe with the right clothes and intense sun, MAYBE. Hiking, no sweat. Yoga, inside, no sweat.

    4. Hah. Somehow I doubt that but yes, the right layers make all the difference. Key is really keeping your head warm. You’d be surprised at how much heat you can generate. Cold is easy to manage. Wet and cold is another ball game.

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