Adventure: Divide Route Newport Beach

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This was a fun ride. It went like this. Tarmac, singletrack, fire road, singletrack, fire road, tarmac, groomed trail, singletrack, fire road, tarmac.

But, before we go further, true or false.

1. Dan had a scary moment on the way up this climb?
2. Dan had a scary moment on the way down this climb?
3. Dan did that thing where he closed one side of his nose and blew through the other thus sending the entire contents of his nasal cavity flying into the backlit morning air?
4. Dan passed road bikers on his mountain bike during the uphill tarmac sections of this ride?
5. Dan witnessed a guy in a Kia Rio get a second gear scratch?(For those of you who know the Kia Rio you will think this IMPOSSIBLE.)
6. Dan once again failed to consume enough calories during his ride, and failed to drink a recovery drink-even after Sean’s advice to do so- thus making him feel exhausted later in the day.
7. Dan now thinks 5,000 feet of climbing is in his near future.

ANSWER KEY: 1-7, True.

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  1. Of all people, you should know that #3 is referred to as a Texas Snort. Perfecting it is nothing short of an art. Bec absolutely loves it when I do one…

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  2. All of them are of course true* But ‘Texas Snort’? That’s not what we call it over here.

    *Shit. Just as I was about to click submit I saw the answer key. But I still got them all correct.

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      We never had a name for it. It’s best if done in SUPER close proximity to someone you really like.

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