Adventure: Denver Escape

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I’m at a tradeshow this week. I was at a tradeshow last week. I’m at another tradeshow next week. If you have never worked a tradeshow then it will impossible to know just how physically damaging these events actually are. Add them to the long list of unhealthy ways to pass the time.

And they are relentless. Me, I’m more than content to spend my time entirely alone, on a mountaintop with my trusty binoculars glassing for Western Mountain Bluebirds, or doing yoga by myself in a dark corner of the house, so landing at an event where I might talk for eight hours straight is a beatdown of epic proportion. Today I have meetings at 8:30 AM, 11 AM, 1:30 PM, 4 PM and 7 PM with trade show sprinkled in the gaps. At night I escape to my crib and sit alone in silence.

Last night I had to get out and this brings me to the point of everyday adventure. You don’t need to summit something to free your mind, body and spirit. Last night I undertook an urban hike in the middle of a snowstorm, and I did it wearing my Boulder Boots, which I love, but when it comes to almost certain death with footwear look no further than Boulder Boots and snow. Staying upright was the ultimate core workout.

Fat, wet flakes falling. Soothing, allowing my brain a chance to escape. Sucking deep breaths of cleanish Denver air into my lungs. Replaying my AG23 talk I gave at the tradeshow and most importantly allowing my mind to drift like the snow. Just go, get outside of those walls and bounce off feeling, spite, love, and wonder.

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  1. I agree that adventure doesn’t require a huge all/multi day effort. Sure, it can involve a huge hike or trip but adventure is really about just stretching yourself in different ways. Just as there is beauty in the mundane, there can be adventure anywhere and everywhere. The summit can be anything. Keep your eyes open. Good stuff and thanks for sharing this.

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      Hey Matt,
      Agreed. Even walking with camera to explore, as we photogs know all too well, is an adventure.

  2. The trade show schedule does sound brutal. I imagine one upside is you walk away having met a lot of interesting folks. I’m an introvert and can look forward to those situations as long as I have some solitary time built in. Good point in the story and one of the comments about adventure not needing to be synonymous with a trip to the Himalayas.

    I think I forgot to hit submit on an earlier comment. Shifter community / readers – I’d welcome any advice on a small, reliable, low maintenance portable printer. I want to be able to print photos, quality doesn’t have to be amazing. Ideally, I’d be able to make little on the go zines, perhaps in conjunction with the typewriter I haven’t bought yet.

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      I need that printer too. I would love a tiny, portable inkjet if possible. I was able to talk about AG23 at the tradeshow and was able to put it in front of a lot of folks as well so worth the time and effort.

  3. It sounds to me like you have a life that is super stressful but you have found a way to keep your soul centered and calm. I think most other people in your situation would burn out pretty quick.

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      I know my limits. There was a five to six year period where I was on the road almost full time. Traveling for Blurb, doing events, lectures, etc. I’m not sure I could keep that schedule now, or even if I would want to. But, no complaints. I’m entirely fortunate.

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