Adventure: California Training

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In case you are wondering if altitude training works let me be the first to say “It does.” Four weeks in New Mexico and upon return to California I felt like a pro after two blood bags. MORE than enough oxygen. Ample. An excess. I rode slowly, with others, but secretly I was stacked with energy and power. Then the 4th happened and along with it tequila and bad choices. Later in this day someone said they didn’t like to ride road because they were afraid of getting killed. There have been people killed around here, and there are a ton of moronic text and drive people these days but overall I think cycling is super safe, especially when you consider how much of a ride like this was on bike path. From my driveway I can hit about 60+ miles of bike trail. Actually, far more than that but just to speak in general terms. I think a lot of people convince themselves not to ride for one reason or another. Spandex. Ya, there’s that unpleasant reality. Traffic, etc. Always a reason not to go. But my advice, just ignore those reasons and get to it.

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  1. Ohhhhh … Americans and Spandex; the eternal emasculating fabric. Get over it people!
    Traffic is bad. Texting drivers are the new plague. I almost got ran over by a lady last Friday when I was crossing the street on the crosswalk. I was aware, I saw her coming from far away not looking at the road and with no intention of slowing down. I yelled at her, she look like she was doing nothing wrong. We need laser beams on our eyes, like Superman, so we can blow their tires and let them stranded in the middle of the road. Where is the rush now lady?
    Is Sunday. I think I need some coffee and couple pancakes. Yeah, that is my training for today.

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