Adventure: California Training (for Big Bend)

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I like to mix it up. I could have gone on a cycling voyage this morning but skipped it for some solid yoga and this hike. I like hiking as it tells me right away what’s wrong with my body. In my case, my legs. Left knee, left hamstring and and right hip. You also use different muscle groups than cycling and your joints get far more of a workout, especially on something like this which involved lots of fairly steep trail/fire road. My left knee makes a clicking noice when hiking uphill. That’s probably not a good thing.

We had marine layer today. A thick one that hours later is still here. We might get actual weather soon. Locals are digging tunnels, raising veal and hoarding canned food.

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  1. If you like hiking I highly recommend you to go to Muir Woods when you come next time to SF. I know you come here for work and probably with no time at all to enjoy an outdoors hike. But if you have the time … GO!
    You go to have lot’s of steep trail for that clicking knee, but it is gorgeous there. I used to do a 7 mile loop (according to my tracker), mostly hiking, partially running, that was gorgeous. The trail to go back, once you finish the uphill part and the “flat-ish” part, was all down hill (you can run it all the way down to the starting point), with a cool section full of rocks and roots. Never been a runner, not that I’m in shape, but as a Basque, mountains are embed in my DNA, and for god sake’s I used to have a total blast feeling like a goat jumping over rocks and roots at a fast pace.
    If any day you feel like sneaking a hike during a work trip let me know and I’ll send you the map of it.

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