Adventure: California Training

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My feet hurt. For some unknown reason I felt like running yesterday, so I did. And now I realize how old and brittle I really am. I didn’t just run any little old trail. No, I decided to run a super steep, rocky, slippery little fire road that drops about 1200 feet from the parking lot to the coast. And back again. I ran this in my hiking boots, which are Hoka Tor Ultra’s, which are really made for this type adventure, but my feet are still killing me. This has nothing to do with the boots and everything to do with the fact I hadn’t run in four and a half years. Thank you Lyme Disease. But now Uncle Danno is firing again, so I thought “Why not?” Now I know why.

And yes, as I move up my legs it’s all sore. I’m going to have to call my licensed and bonded, full-time, on staff massage service and book something urgent. STAT! On a side note, got out here before sunrise and the only people I encountered were three community college, photography students looking for Sasquatch. Or maybe just a sunrise snap for IG? We also had the Santa Ana winds blowing which means it was 90 degrees and blowing a type of air that you would only wish on your worst enemy. It’s gross, and as I descended to the shoreline I descended through a thick smog bank that was rolled out over the ocean like the devil’s welcome mat.

I also did a bike ride, and the truck photo..well, that’s just truck porn. Build out continues. (Sean, I’m stopping after round three.) (I’m stopping.) (Totally stopping.)

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  1. I don’t ever remember an upper parking lot at Crystal Cove.

    Round Three eh? That’s funny but I won’t laugh at you publicly. You’ll save yourself, and Amy, a lot of pain and anguish if you just suck it up now and admit that the truck will always be in a constant mostly done state of flux.

    Pelfrey bumper looks good on there. I see you went for full protection for when the CDM socialites wander heedlessly across PCH with their heads buried in their phones. Nice choice on the Baja Designs lights too. If you haven’t tried them yet, they are insanely bright. My only suggestion would be to try and add on a 20″ amber version. You’ll appreciate in the dark and dust of New Mexico backroads. If there isn’t a spot to mount it on the bumper, SDHQ makes a light bar mount that fits in behind the grille.

    Did you go with a SwitchPros or sPod for the light switches or just wire everything independently?

    Also, if you want to pull that plate out of your window and put it on the bumper, Cascadia 4×4 has a plate mount that will fit directly over the fairlead holes in your bumper. It was a little more expensive than what I had planned on spending for something like that but after going through 2 other brands and trying to make my own, I doubled down and went for it. One of the few times I violated my rule of buy once, cry once.

    I’m assuming your next step is to get rid of those teeny tiny little tires…

    1. Post

      The parking area is at Ridge Park. Full protection for Newport yoga crowd and the deer that have already dented my entire driver door.(he survived) The lights have three small amber inlays. Lights are BRIGHT. Even with just the Baja fog lights. They are SO much brighter than the headlights. Lights bar runs off one toggle build in to existing panel and the others are all working with the OEM setup. I’ve seen that Cascadia holder and will probably end up with that as well. Tire size will stay the same, tread pattern will not. KO2’s. Suspension is next. Then front roof rack. Then DONE. Well, need gas can. Ahem.

    2. For racks, take a look at BajaRacks or Prinsu Design. The guys at BajaRacks are down in San Marcos and Prinsu is in Utah.

      I’m switching over to RotoPax cans. I have 4, 5 gallon Scepter cans that aren’t being used. If you’d like 2 of them, they’re yours.

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