Adventure: California Training

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Apparently you are not supposed to mix creatine and beet powder. But I did. And then I promptly rode the thirty miles you see here. So far I’m still alive but the day is young. This may or may not be my last post. Took the Salsa today for a variety of reaons. I miss the bike. It had been some time since I had used this baby but I’m DREAMING of a long ride this summer, so need to train on this thing. I have the Fargo model, in titanium. The ride I’m thinking about is either the Arizona Trail or the New Mexico portion of the Continental Divide Route. Sean,I know you are reading this post, and I need a wingman, so you might be forced into service.

Started in heavy fog today, which if you have never ridden a bike in fog, is more like riding in the rain. You can’t see, the ground is like ice and it makes for an added layer of chaos when dealing with the world’s most dangerous creature: the human on phone walking dog.

Get out there.

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  1. damn you and your assumptions. yes, i’m reading. no, you won’t have to force me. yes, i’m in.

    good to see you back on a bike.

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