Adventure: California Training

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I’ve got a date with a few Texas/Mexico peaks, so putting in some time here locally to get myself a bit more prepared. Exercise is an important part of my life. It wasn’t always. I look back at the twenty five years of full time photography and wonder how I could have let myself slip so far away from health. It’s not like I wasn’t in okay shape, but I could have done so much more. I see a lot of young photographers pretending to be photographers. Lots of drink and smoke, crazy travel, wearing scarves, a facade of sorts. The same one I used to play. But as I get older, and hopefully wiser, you realize what a crock all that stuff is. My goal, something I’m often not capable of holding to, is to exercise both my brain and my body. Books cover the brain part, and a few failed attempts at meditation. And the physical is hike, bike, fish, climb, swim, paddle, yoga. Why didn’t I start this 25 years ago? I’m so stupid.

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