Adventure: California Dreaming

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Nothing major here. Just a nice, simple ride. Not too much climbing. Not too much pace. More than anything, time to think. I was hungry when I left, so it was interesting to see how hard I could go, and far, before I bonked. Two Gu packs. Two bottles. One dead rabbit. Lots of mobile phone zombies weaving across the bike path. I realized mobile phone users are the sick Wildabeast of modern culture. Wandering oblivious near the edge of the herd, waiting to be culled by a crocodile or someone on a $12,000 carbon gem. Oh, the THE most dangerous human is anyone over 70 who has a Go Pro. Not to be age discriminant but it’s entirely true. And a group of people over 70 with a Go Pro is guarantee of chaos.

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  1. A bike with a shadow. Sunshine. Looks good to me. The most dangerous situation is a person on a mobile phone in a supermarket car park: never seen one with a Go Pro though.

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