Yoga: Inflection

It works. Yoga is a path of sorts. Walk far enough and the thought of turning around vanishes.

Yoga comes up a lot in my life.(I’m teaching a friend in about ten minutes.) Word gets out I practice and then the questions come. Or someone says “You look like you are in good shape.” “Do you workout?” When I reply “No,” they get confused. “Well, I do yoga,” I add. Normally what happens is one of two things. First, they ask “What kind?” Thus begins good yoga talk. The other response I get is “Oh, I can’t do yoga.” “Why?” I ask. Most frequent answers. “I’m not flexible.” “It’s boring.” “I like a more active workout.”

I always say “Well, we each have to find what works for us.” It’s not my job or goal to tell you what to do. Do yoga, or don’t. Has nothing to do with me. I will say that humans have been doing versions of yoga for centuries. I can’t say the same for step class, powerbooty or spin although they are all great forms of movement. Yoga for me is way beyond any form of movement I’ve ever done. I rode almost one hundred miles in the last three days, so I love the bike, but if I had to choose between yoga and ANYTHING else, I’d take yoga one hundred percent of the time.

Just throwing it out there. If you do it then you know. If you don’t do it, that’s okay too. It might perfect for you or the last thing you would ever do. Both are valid.

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  1. 10-20 minutes of yoga every day, sometimes twice a day for the past year and a half – has made a huge difference for me. I still totally suck at meditation, and my jedi skills have not yet made me levitate, but the yoga still works wonders.

  2. Dan,
    I highly recommend checking out the yoga of my good buddy Eoin, He travels around a ton but is now based in Cali. I’m not much for group or class based practice to be honest, but the stuff he does goes way beyond and I go out of my way as often as possible to connect with him in person and his classes/retreats.

    Best, brant

    1. Hey Brant,

      Will do. I do yoga on my own. I haven’t been to a class in years and have never attended a retreat. Not opposed to either depending, but am so used to being alone.

      1. Same, Dan.
        My exception is Eoin and even then it has been a long while since I’ve done a class. My personal practice is almost exclusively based on his DVD’s. If you’re interested I would look at Earth Body Yoga or Blissology Project, both on iTunes I believe.

  3. Reading this post has made me want to go through all the posts on the Yoga link on this website, a link I’ve never really looked at in too much detail.

    After my second knee surgery earlier this year I was advised not to do the kind of sports/exercise I used to and perhaps yoga is one route to get my out-of-shape body a little bit more the way I’d like. I’m not a fan of gym’s so something to do at home or out on the fresh air would suit me. Let’s see…

  4. been doing yoga mostly on my own for 17 years now. just like you I ride bikes, run, surf, etc…but the one constant has been yoga, would not trade it for the world. only problem I have is that I don’t fit the mold and I am very hesitant to share my love for it.

    1. Lorenzo,
      Hey, I say share away. Those who get it will get it and the others you don’t worry about. I met a 78-year-old yoga instructor last night while eating dinner. She certainly didn’t act or look 78.

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