Yoga: Handstand to Up Dog


The one and only Jamie Hamilton performing a handstand to up dog on my patio. Yes, this really happened. Jamie is not only a wonderful artist, but is also a tightrope walker. Don’t believe me, here’s proof. He’s a strong dude and this pose goes to show. Hadn’t done yoga around anyone else for a long while, but on this day there were four people on my patio, all doing their own routines. Fun.


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  1. This kind of “glamour” yoga kind of irritates me, to be honest. It’s kind of missing the point, and it can be really intimidating. Almost all serious yoga practitioners cannot do those moves, and never will be able to, and shouldn’t aspire to.

    It’s still insanely cool to watch, though!

    1. AM,
      Never thought of it as glamour yoga. He’s an acrobat, so it’s part of his routine. The yoga he does is entirely different than what I’m doing, or will ever do, but it’s a great way to learn how to modify and improve what I’m doing. He was helping me but with very minor shifts to what I was already doing. I think you should aspire to whatever it is you want to aspire to. For me it’s getting through the day with the fewest symptoms possible, but for others its way beyond that. I don’t have any desire to do this move, but I do want core strength which I find really helps me even in day to day life, sitting on planes, lifting boxes of books, etc. At one point in time, way back in healthier years, I was able to do handstands, but I just remember my head feeling like it was going to explode.

    2. AM,
      I just did my yoga today. I think I’ve been doing the exact same routine for at least a year now. Everyday, same thing. I could probably do a lot more, but what’s interesting is that because I know the routine so well I find myself in a trance like space while I’m doing it. Sometimes I kinda wake up the middle and have to remember where I am. Who knows? Lyme based? Yoga based? Not really sure. I have destroyed three yoga mats in that time. They all fall apart and the little bits get stuck in my hair. It’s not pretty.

  2. It’s cool that it’s part of his routine, sure! And It’s super cool to watch and know it exists and all.

    It’s actually when it’s in mainstream media that it gets me. Some Yoga Magazine, where the cover is always some super hot girl doing some impossible pose, or ads for yoga workshops ditto. That’s yoga, but it’s not the people’s yoga!

    Destroying mats is a victory condition. Well done. Keep at it. Just get mats with colors that set off your natural hair color attractively, and you’re set.

    1. AM,
      Right now it’s green bits. Maybe not so good, and I hear ya about the yoga dream people. Saw an interesting story a while back about fake yoga people on Instagram. Horrifying but expected.

  3. My wife was going through yoga mats like gum. Provably one a month if not more. She tried from the lowest end to medium price … Finally I was tired of hearing her complaining the she was slipping on the mat, that another one broke, etc … For her birthday I got her one from the infamous Lululemon brand. Yeah the one that makes the yoga pants that all the stay at home moms like to wear for their daily chores. So far a bit over a year and the mat still in one piece.

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