4 Comments on “The Leica File: Sixteen”

  1. Hi, love your work and the leica file. Glad to see that you are still creating them. Would love more in depth in the pictures and how do you digitalis them? It takes me forever to scan.. So would love to se an behind the scenes some day.
    Keep em coming !

  2. Daniel,

    I’m a total sucker for these pieces. That little spoken word explaination into the mindset, aim, reality, thought, or whatever it is you felt that made you trip the shutter. It makes it that much more than the usual “Canon 1d, 6000mm f8, 125th, f8 @ ISO 320000” that folk usually give. The why is so much more important than the how. I’m never sure you totally grasp how much impact and help you are actually providing with your sharing and writing, so again I thank you.


    1. Mark,
      Coming from you that is a real compliment. I hope these pieces get better. I’ve just returned from Australia and have another dozen or so posts to upload. More Leica File on the way too. Thanks for reading.

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