Create: AG23 Zine Collaboration, Part One

This is a work in progress, and probably always will be, but the AG23 Zine collaboration is one of the best projects I’ve ever been involved in. Like many good projects, this one is somewhat complicated and somewhat unique and … Read More

Create: Handmade Zine Test

Several weeks ago I attended a fantastic event. Part of our exercise was to very quickly create a handmade Zine. A Zine, for those of you wondering, is an informal magazine, mostly in small doses, self-published. These items can be … Read More

Creative: AG23 Zine, Prepare for Launch

I mentioned this a few months ago, but we are now dangerously close to liftoff. Let me just say this. This is NOT easy. Launching a Zine is a terribly complicated endeavor that is far more costly and time-consuming than … Read More

Creative: Aaron Marin Griffieth Zine Collection

I love it when I meet someone as possessed about publications as I am. Meet Aaron Marin Griffieth. A package arrives. Torn open it reveals the fruits of another’s labor. Small, thin, large, thick. Tempest-like. Like feelers reaching out into … Read More

Creative: Andrew Molitor, San Francisco

I’ve featured Andrew here before, but he keeps adding to the self-pub mix so I keep featuring him. San Francisco is his latest, or at least the latest to land on my door. There are many things I appreciate about … Read More

Creative: Call and Response

How cool is this? Call & Response is a zine collaboration of members of VI. This is a MagCloud 8×8, which you can find here. How about them in their own words? A word about VI Paul Romaniuk is a … Read More

Creative: Just Make Pictures 9

Micheal Jarecki did it again. He made me eat my own words. I’ve been telling you all for the last five years that small books are often more impactful than large books. I’ve been telling you how the attention span … Read More

Creative: Nick Tauro, New Mexico and New York

I love seeing a first book. A first trial and error. A first experiment. Today’s kudos go out to photographer Nick Tauro in the ABQ. Nick comes to us today with a Magcloud 8×8 publication. You could call it a … Read More

Creative: Gylly Beach, First Collection

I’m guessing that many of you know who I’m talking about when I mention Mick Buston. Long time friend of Smogranch/Shifter and getting to be long time friend in real life although I THINK we have only met once in … Read More

Creative: just make pictures

Yes I’ve posted about this before, but I’m going to keep posting about it because “just make pictures” is one of my favorite publications. This publication is the child of Michael Jarecki. Let me say this. This publication works because … Read More

August by Tobin Walton

Tobin Walton dropped this little baby on my doorstep, and for this I say “Thank you!” A handmade Zine titled “August, Meditations and Meanderings from the month of August 2015.” Typewritten title page, handmade illustrations, ink on paper, a handmade … Read More

Print: just make pictures

Issue #6. The brainchild of Michael Jarecki. Yes, I’m officially in love with the Zine. Michael has been sending these for a while, but I think this is the first I’ve featured. I love everything about this. The title, which … Read More

Print: Then There Was None

I’m on a Zine tear. The proud father of this baby is Nicholas Firan who is a Brooklyn based photographer and designer. This thing looks DAMN good. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and have looked it many … Read More

PRINT: Jumping from Rocks

Who doesn’t love the Zine? The homemade publication. This is the antithesis of the traditional book, and because the Zine is so personal, and so crafty and so individualistic they are exploding like never before. I’ve personally been at several … Read More