Create: AG23 Contributor Series, Hannah Kozak

“This is not about me, this is about my mother.” This is one reason I love Hannah Kozak. She puts story above her own fame and has the tenacity to see things through. Hannah began shooting at a very early … Read More

Create: Books I Love, Areoglyphic

The single most unique Blurb user I have ever discovered is Chloe Ferres. Australian. Dual-threat. Photography and design among many, many other things I’m sure she is skilled at. Her ability to design unique publications is truly something to behold, … Read More

Create: Birds

Check out this take on our feathered friends. Boom. Mathieu Chiasson is to thank for this magazine. Very interesting use of type as well as a matched or paired use of design and images. I for one have an entirely … Read More

Create: Ajiaco

This is a killer book. And we have Raw Society to thank for this, that is in addition to the photographer himself Héctor Delgado. Analog, processing kit, contact sheets, and the images that can only result from long-term immersion into … Read More

Create: AG23 Issue Two Overview

Well, it was a LONG time coming but with great pleasure, I bring you the overview of AG23 Issue Two. This begins with a LONG list of people to thank, including you. Rick Elder, the team at Beyond, Blurb Large … Read More

Create: Desert Oracle

A friend sent me this and I’m glad he did. Small, personal, pocket-sized, softcover, minimal, mighty. The Desert Oracle with Lost Civilizations, Cabin Dolls, and Mystery Craft. This little baby emerges from Joshua Tree, California at a $5.95 price point. … Read More

Create: 52/3

It starts out innocent enough. A safe cover. “Oh, look, honey, it’s a book about sculpture.” Ah, no. It’s not. The book turns and with it comes the turn toward the pandemic. Personally, I think some incredible work will emerge … Read More

Create: Jesus F&^%$%$ 2020

You know when it comes to Molitor you are going to get something good, something odd, something a bit off but not like off in old milk ways I’m talking off in a way that makes you stop and wonder. … Read More

Create: Adventure Trail, Tim Bindner

You know I like me some adventure, and I find myself on an adventure, one of the dominant questions is always “Where am I going to take shelter?” Could be inside, outside, tent, van, bedroll or primitive site with established … Read More

Create: AG23 Contributor Series, Frank Jackson

Frank Jackson is an enigma. Or an anomaly. Or maybe he’s both? Where does he fit in? I don’t know and that is precisely why I find Frank so interesting. Want to know about analog photography? Talk to Frank. Want … Read More

Create: AG23 Zine Collaboration, Part One

This is a work in progress, and probably always will be, but the AG23 Zine collaboration is one of the best projects I’ve ever been involved in. Like many good projects, this one is somewhat complicated and somewhat unique and … Read More

Create: Handmade Zine Test

Several weeks ago I attended a fantastic event. Part of our exercise was to very quickly create a handmade Zine. A Zine, for those of you wondering, is an informal magazine, mostly in small doses, self-published. These items can be … Read More

Creative: AG23 Zine, Prepare for Launch

I mentioned this a few months ago, but we are now dangerously close to liftoff. Let me just say this. This is NOT easy. Launching a Zine is a terribly complicated endeavor that is far more costly and time-consuming than … Read More

Creative: Aaron Marin Griffieth Zine Collection

I love it when I meet someone as possessed about publications as I am. Meet Aaron Marin Griffieth. A package arrives. Torn open it reveals the fruits of another’s labor. Small, thin, large, thick. Tempest-like. Like feelers reaching out into … Read More

Creative: Andrew Molitor, San Francisco

I’ve featured Andrew here before, but he keeps adding to the self-pub mix so I keep featuring him. San Francisco is his latest, or at least the latest to land on my door. There are many things I appreciate about … Read More