Creative: Newport Journal

Couple of old friends in town yesterday. Some of you might recognize them. Just strolling at sunset so we could talk photography, equipment, books, equipment, photography, equipment, gear, but primarily we focused on keeping to the topic at hand. Equipment. … Read More

Creative: The Fuji File 1

I know what your thinking. “What the f%$# happened to the Leica file?” Don’t fear my brass loving friends. The Leica File is alive and well, but I wanted to expand horizons today. You have seen this image before, so … Read More

Read: The Lost Rolls Paris

As the sun rises on Armistice Day here in France I wake thinking of last night’s event. “The Lost Rolls” Paris exhibition, fittingly held in a unnamed space in Le Marais, was the first European opening for the collaboration between … Read More

Read: Paris Journal

No this is not me. My colleague Kent who is an artist who happens to work at Blurb. Paris College of Art. FLUX Tired at 11AM. Reading at 3AM. One of the worst nights sleep I’ve ever had. Mid trip … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

Apparently there is this thing called “weather.” Apparently it’s not supposed to be sunny every single day for the entire year. Apparently “weather” has moved into the area. Consequently, the locals are hidden, birds spontaneously give up and fall to … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

So my wife had a show. In other words the world stopped, tilted on its axis, wobbled, and then began to make corrections. It was only the most important show in the history of humankind. She’s been working on a … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

Yep, this is how it’s all gonna end. A giant red fireball. Megaton warhead. We melt into a fleshy puddle and then find out our entire solar system is a microspec on some space kid’s snotty pillow. Damnit. All these … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

It has been a long, long time since I’ve been able to do any serious biking. A few short years ago, prior to landing Lyme Disease, I was a decent biker. Now, not so much. Any ride requires weighing the … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

Home together. First time since September. Weather rolling in. Ultra-low tide, heat, humidity and a Pacific of near glass. Neither of know what to make of it all. Wide expanse of beach, high clouds and a peaceful openness that connects … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

Just like that. Fall. One day. All it took. The turn. Even if Mother Nature decides to play her new game it doesn’t matter because mentally the switch has been made. Dusk and your jacket is in the car, or … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

There is no way to hide the awkwardness of eating a footlong, frozen, chocolate covered banana. Man, woman or child. This beast wasn’t designed for public consumption, and yet you walk the shoreline during the summer months and there they … Read More

Read: New York Journal Four

What do you get when you add my job, New York and the creative industry together? Chaos. Creative chaos. Up early again to make my way downtown to attend the Future of Storytelling event, which I have to say has … Read More

Read: New York Journal Three

Running out the door again. This was my last twenty four hours. Started with the GaGa. Ended with a reflection. Lots and lots of movement in between. I’m on auto pilot. Down on sleep, up on meeting some remarkable people … Read More

Read: New York Journal Two

You can tell a lot about a man by what he throws away. Maybe I use Prell to save money but then buy Faberge Eggs with the savings. Maybe I binge on Little Debbie cakes(who doesn’t?). It’s all there like … Read More

Read: New York Journal

I didn’t get a chance to shoot here. I was planning a dawn raid on Coney Island but now my schedule is too full do anything outside of required reading. These images were made in transit. Spent the last two … Read More

Read: Damn Reflections

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m not a social person. You might have seen me in the flesh, in the field or perhaps you saw me present, give a workshop, teach a class. That’s not really me. … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

Ya, I went back to the pier. First off, it’s really f%$%$%$ hot here. It’s almost October and it’s still over 90. We don’t have air conditioning. So my house is like a sweat lodge, and yes, I’ve actually been … Read More

Read: Texas Journal

Three cities in nine days. The last two in Texas. I spent fifteen years in the Lone Star State, and what I realize now is that I understand the rhythm of Texas. A lot of people would hear “I’m going … Read More