Create: Road Trip Two, Episode Three

The Stonethrower. The grandfather couldn’t throw because his spine was frozen making it impossible to twist his upper body. The father could throw but wasn’t good at it. The brother could throw, too, and was skilled at stone skipping which … Read More

Create: Road Trip Two, Episode Two

Morning run. Three miles, no more no less. Slow and steady and a chance to clear the mind and body. The blue glow of 5 AM comes and goes, lost in the drifting mire of half-sleep and dream. What will … Read More

Create: Road Trip Two, Episode One

Voice, sound, and visuals from the past week burning across the western half of the United States. For me, there is absolutely nothing better than having the time to put pen to paper and transcribe the thoughts piercing my brain. … Read More

Create: VanLife Clothing, Kit & Culture

Okay, as many of you know, I am now the center of a new Blurb campaign titled “#FromTheVanWithDan,” which takes a look at the creative side of working from a van. This is a new series and unlike anything, we … Read More

Create: What Else Did We Learn?

The first film in this series came during a stop in Maine several weeks ago. I am following it up with another as there was, and is, much to learn about the world these days. Might be photography-related, might be … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Seven

Had the voiceover all ready to go. Done, set, recorded. And then I didn’t add it and think I like the film better without hearing my whimper of a voice. Did I mention how easily I lose my voice? Man, … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Six

Photography is a curse. Once the spell is cast your way, and your heart knowingly opens up, there is no turning back. Anyone who really commits knows there is no turning it off. All reasons for the descent are valid. … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Five

The people you encounter on the way. So much of this experience is just that. Moments, glancing verbal blows. Making time and slowing down to LISTEN. Writing, taking notes, and recording as much as possible then sharing those items to … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, What Have We Learned?

The odometer for Road Trip 2021 ticks past 3000 miles. Sixteen states, high heat, higher humidity, and the pulse of a culture in decline? No, but perhaps “recline” is an appropriate description. What have we learned? What are the questions … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Two

Water. The wet world has been an integral part of my life since my early days. Going on the road allows for a wide range of water encounters. Paddle, swim, surf, fish, and more. Water has a personality, a look, … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode One

Episode One: Eight days in with thirty more on the horizon. Eleven states, traffic jams, and friends and family. Sticking fingers, face masks, and the rolling hills of Middle America. Heat, humidity, and bugs enough for your wildest dreams. Pit … Read More

Adventure: Vanlife 6

Okay, better get used to this sort of thing. VanLife films that don’t talk much about the van. But do talk about random things like Mountain Dew and the Blurb bookstore. There will be much VanLife in the coming months, … Read More

Adventure: VanLife 5

Remember, the van is NOT the thing. The van is the THING that gets you to the THING. This series is a sketch of my life away from the computer. If this film looks and sounds disjointed then you will … Read More

Adventure: VanLife Episode Four

We were on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. Just kidding. That’s a line from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by the one-and-only Hunter S. Thompson. A literary hero. But I like to … Read More

Adventure: Out on the Fringe

Two days in the field. Felt like I needed to move mountains to get this time but the moment I left the house the rest of my world just faded away. In two days I’ve forgotten passwords, forgotten to-do lists, … Read More

Create: VanLife Episode 003

My brother-in-law cut my hair. He has no formal training. I have to temper my expectations. With very limited creative time I can sometimes trick myself into thinking I can do more than I actually can. This recent road trip … Read More

Adventure: VanLife Episode Two

Enough about me. What about you? What do you think about me? Too much me here but simply continuing the great filmmaking experiment. Everything you see and hear was done in less than one day. Would I choose to work … Read More

Adventure: VanLife Episode 001

There is life before the van and there is life after. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t drive a van until now but once that realization was made it became apparent this was going to be our vehicle moving … Read More