Create: Road Trip Two, Episode Three

The Stonethrower. The grandfather couldn’t throw because his spine was frozen making it impossible to twist his upper body. The father could throw but wasn’t good at it. The brother could throw, too, and was skilled at stone skipping which … Read More

Create: Road Trip Two, Episode Two

Morning run. Three miles, no more no less. Slow and steady and a chance to clear the mind and body. The blue glow of 5 AM comes and goes, lost in the drifting mire of half-sleep and dream. What will … Read More

Create: VanLife Clothing, Kit & Culture

Okay, as many of you know, I am now the center of a new Blurb campaign titled “#FromTheVanWithDan,” which takes a look at the creative side of working from a van. This is a new series and unlike anything, we … Read More

Create: What Else Did We Learn?

The first film in this series came during a stop in Maine several weeks ago. I am following it up with another as there was, and is, much to learn about the world these days. Might be photography-related, might be … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Six

Photography is a curse. Once the spell is cast your way, and your heart knowingly opens up, there is no turning back. Anyone who really commits knows there is no turning it off. All reasons for the descent are valid. … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Four

Nothing changes up the day quite like a shark spotting. Miles away but the white pointer does what he or she pleases and us lower on the food chain must scramble to find a Plan B. Such is life in … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Two

Water. The wet world has been an integral part of my life since my early days. Going on the road allows for a wide range of water encounters. Paddle, swim, surf, fish, and more. Water has a personality, a look, … Read More

Adventure: Vanlife 6

Okay, better get used to this sort of thing. VanLife films that don’t talk much about the van. But do talk about random things like Mountain Dew and the Blurb bookstore. There will be much VanLife in the coming months, … Read More

Create: Zines, Jimmy Fikes

I’ve known Jimmy Fikes for a long while now. Buds from back in the LA day. Jimmy is an accomplished photographer and is also one of the most accomplished digital techs I know. Jimmy, you will like that I’m creating … Read More

Create: The Days Before

We dropped south from France after a week at the Visa Pour L’Image Festival our souls soothed with the best of the best who frame the world through little squares and rectangles. Drop the car in Marseille and pick up … Read More

Adventure: Three Days Out

Four hundred and twenty-seven miles. Let’s call it twenty miles per gallon. A bit more on the way there, a bit less on the way back. Downhill, wind at the back, the windshield like an IMAX film playing nonstop. Winter … Read More

Read: The Lands of Lost Borders

I first discovered Kate Harris in 2013 while searching for titanium bicycles. She and her pal Mel had completed a cycling voyage titled “Cycling Silk” and for this epic slog, they had secured bicycles from Seven Cycles. Handbuilt, titanium here … Read More

Create: Albania Magazine, v1

Okay, now things are beginning to feel complete. Not quite fully complete, mind you, but we are getting closer. I’ve already posted in regard to my Albania project and the methodology, technique, and ideas I deployed to bring this baby … Read More

Creative: Albania Project, Part Two

Okay, so we’ve covered my basic photography philosophy with this project; double exposures. However, there are two other components to the story. The static, stand-alone, straight images and the copy. Straight images are where the rubber meets the road, so … Read More

Adventure: Across the White Sheet

Across the white sheet. Eight hundred and fifty miles. Think time. Alone but bursting with brainwaves. Searching, making notes and formalizing all those random things that end up being not so random. The land of Texans in fringe. Leather shawls … Read More

Creative: Vlog 0008

Wow, look at me. Look how macho I am. I’m trending! All about me, me, me. So, this vlog is what happens when someone doesn’t really have time to vlog. I am thinking of starting a podcast, outside of my … Read More

Creative: Seattle and Beyond

Literally, but you won’t know what I’m referring to until a bit later. Two-party system, compromising and attempting to work together. Better food. Better coffee. Public transit. Bike lanes. No, not Seattle, but close. That’s beside the point. In the … Read More

Creative: Kip Brundage, The Cuba Connection

As you know, I am currently scheduled to co-teach a class in Havana in December. Picturing Cuba: Havana and the Countryside, is part of the Santa Fe Photo Workshops Cuba program, which has been happening for quite some time. For … Read More