Read: Refuge

She did it again. Terry Tempest Williams walks to the plate and hits yet another home run. “Refuge, An Unnatural History of Family and Place,” is heartbreaking yet fills your lungs with crisp, lake air. Salt Lake to be exact, … Read More

Read: Pieces of White Shell

Warning. If you are someone with a love of the open spaces, of Native American culture, history and story then this book will consume you. But this is a quiet book. “Simple.” It gives you the recipe but then it’s … Read More

Read: The Hour of Land

Okay, The Hour of Land is rocketing to the top of my “books of the year,” list. I’m not entirely sure what year this book was written, but seeing as I just found it…it’s going on my 2018 short list. … Read More

Read: Finding Beauty in a Broken World

This book haunted me right from the beginning. A part of me didn’t want to read this book, and I’m not sure why? Perhaps I was feeling fragile and KNEW what I was in for, but this book turned out … Read More