Create: Me, Me and More (and less) of Me

Want to know more about me? How about my opinion on things? Well, you have Gina Milicia to thank. She and I sat down half a world apart and had a little talk about all things photography and all things … Read More

Creative: “I am the danger.”

“I am the danger, I am the one who knocks.” Thank you Walter White. This morning, moments before my thirty-mile bike ride, I found myself posting an image to Instagram. My thought while posting was “I hope people get a … Read More

Creative: Instagram….let me explain…..

I’m on Instagram. Well, I’m back on Instagram. Well, I have an account on Instagram. I mean there is a photo of me, and an account with my name, but it’s not me. Or at least I’m not the one … Read More

Read: Book Brain

Yesterday I watched a guy leave the hotel lobby in what looked like a hurry. But directly in front of my perch he ground to a halt and whipped out a pack of smokes. With the grace of a ballerina … Read More

Read: Why I Deleted my Social Media Accounts

I just deleted several more of my social media accounts, as a birthday present to myself, something I really didn’t think much about, but seeing as yesterday was my birthday the resulting “panic” of me NOT being on Facebook led … Read More