Read: The Lost Rolls NYC Recap Film

For those of you who were there, this is the piece we commissioned as a recording of the New York launch of The Lost Rolls. As you can see, this wasn’t your average event. But first let me say that … Read More

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Normalcy. You see. Even me. Look at the post title. Returning to normal. The television features the story of the stadium bombers. The explosives used were not high powered but were loaded with nuts and bolts and washers which are … Read More

Read: Paris Journal

A tale of two cities.(Or my life in that city.) There is Dan and there is “Blurb Dan.” I’ve written of this recently. So after the last ten days of high-intensity movement, promotion, projection and presentation, spanning multiple countries, the … Read More

Read: The Lost Rolls Paris

As the sun rises on Armistice Day here in France I wake thinking of last night’s event. “The Lost Rolls” Paris exhibition, fittingly held in a unnamed space in Le Marais, was the first European opening for the collaboration between … Read More

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No this is not me. My colleague Kent who is an artist who happens to work at Blurb. Paris College of Art. FLUX Tired at 11AM. Reading at 3AM. One of the worst nights sleep I’ve ever had. Mid trip … Read More

Read: Paris Journal

I smoked my lunch. I’ve given myself a codename for this trip: “Cacahuete,” which I think is French for “peanut.” So I came home late and decided to turn on the television in my rented apartment. Just out of morbid … Read More

Read: Paris Journal

“I can’t believe how beautiful this place is and I can’t believe how much it has changed,” a local friend said(In a good way). “Well, if I see another old church I’m going to throw up” I answered. “All this … Read More

Read: My Lost Rolls, Paradise, Texas

Tonight is the NYC launch of The Lost Rolls and we are gearing up for a full-on deluge of artistic humanity. The book and magazine are alive and on sale and the fruits of the last few months will be … Read More

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Apparently there is this thing called “weather.” Apparently it’s not supposed to be sunny every single day for the entire year. Apparently “weather” has moved into the area. Consequently, the locals are hidden, birds spontaneously give up and fall to … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

So my wife had a show. In other words the world stopped, tilted on its axis, wobbled, and then began to make corrections. It was only the most important show in the history of humankind. She’s been working on a … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

Yep, this is how it’s all gonna end. A giant red fireball. Megaton warhead. We melt into a fleshy puddle and then find out our entire solar system is a microspec on some space kid’s snotty pillow. Damnit. All these … Read More

Read: My Lost Rolls, Paradise, Utah

Paradise, Utah. There are conflicting stories about how this place acquired the name. Some people say it was the first person over the hill who looked down on the valley and said “Man, this place is paradise.” And then there … Read More

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It has been a long, long time since I’ve been able to do any serious biking. A few short years ago, prior to landing Lyme Disease, I was a decent biker. Now, not so much. Any ride requires weighing the … Read More

Read: Paris in Winter

I’ve posted these images before but it’s been a long, long while, and I have reason to post them again. I’m going back to Paris, and I’m going back during winter. Roughly ten years ago I traveled to Paris to … Read More

Read: My Lost Rolls, Paradise, California

Someone will probably steal this story but that’s okay. It’s been done before, and based on my life now I’ll never get back to it. Years ago, right after my father passed away, I embarked on a little self-initiated project … Read More

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Home together. First time since September. Weather rolling in. Ultra-low tide, heat, humidity and a Pacific of near glass. Neither of know what to make of it all. Wide expanse of beach, high clouds and a peaceful openness that connects … Read More

PRINT: Jumping from Rocks

Who doesn’t love the Zine? The homemade publication. This is the antithesis of the traditional book, and because the Zine is so personal, and so crafty and so individualistic they are exploding like never before. I’ve personally been at several … Read More

Read: New York Journal Three

“Hey, I got some crack.” “Wha?” “I got some crack?” “You got crack?” “Yeah.” And that’s how it all began. Just a small exchange. Supply and demand. You got, I want. No, not ME. These two other guys. I don’t … Read More