Creative: The Cup, Frank Jackson (and more…)

I love Frank Jackson. He always seems so damn calm. He’s a coal burner. Everyone thinks they need rocket fuel to be great, but you don’t. Coal, in many ways, is better. Lower temps and LOTS of low-end power. You … Read More

Creative: Strada del Purgatorio, Nick Tauro

He’s done it again. Nick Tauro shoots, edits, sequences, designs, prints and then makes available his latest work. I’ve featured Nick here before, and I often joke about featuring the same people over and over, but I’m serious in my … Read More

Creative: Sneak Peek ESSAY Issue #5

I would normally never do this, but I’m so excited about this story I’m giddy. Now, in typical Milnor fashion I’ve devised a way to torture myself. I can’t really access this story again until the fall. DAMNIT. This is … Read More

Creative: The Fuji File Magazine

The first issue of “The Fuji File” is here. This isn’t the OFFICIAL copy just yet but the test copy is in the bag. I’ve created upwards of 220+ publications with Blurb, dating back to 2007, but I still make … Read More

Creative: Nate Matos Zines

Yes, yes, yes, I’ve written about Nate Matos many times, but he’s the only Nate I know so I’m going to keep going until he is dead. And, he’s really, really good. He keeps MAKING THINGS. This new series is … Read More

Creative: Andrew Molitor, San Francisco

I’ve featured Andrew here before, but he keeps adding to the self-pub mix so I keep featuring him. San Francisco is his latest, or at least the latest to land on my door. There are many things I appreciate about … Read More

Dispatches: Elana Schlenker

A side story. As you know, I haven’t been a photographer in many years now, and I’m always telling anyone who will listen that photography is a skill that is improved by repetitive motion, so I do the interview with … Read More

Read: Why Hit Print?

I recently read a statistic about the number of people who start but don’t finish self-publishing projects. The number was so high I thought for sure it was a typo. It wasn’t. As most of you know, I make a … Read More

PRINT: Jumping from Rocks

Who doesn’t love the Zine? The homemade publication. This is the antithesis of the traditional book, and because the Zine is so personal, and so crafty and so individualistic they are exploding like never before. I’ve personally been at several … Read More